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How to prepare and cook Potatoes


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Common Names: Spuds,  Tatties,  Irish Potatoes,  white Potatoes
Family: Solanaceae
In Season: Various - also stores overwinter
Buying: Choose dry, hard tubers which are free of cracks, green patches or sprouting shoots
Storing: Several weeks  in a cool, dry, dark place.
Serving Allowances: 1-2 Medium (tennis ball size) per person

General Preparation of Potatoes

All  -  If  the tubers have any dirt on them, wash well in cold water. 

Small New Potatoes.  In general there is no need to peel these as the skins are very thin. Simply cut and cook as required.

Others   Peel the skins off, remove any dark or green bits of flesh with a knife if necessary,  then cut and cook as required.


Important:    Potato flesh which is green is poisonous. Never eat green bits.

                         Potatoes should be cooked before they are eaten.

Optional Preparations/Cuts  (see Main Vegetable Preparation Page for  explanations and photos)


Baton Brunoise Chunk Cube Dice/chop Grate Julienne
Y x Y Y Y Y x
Matchsticks Mashed Paysanne Puréed Shred Slice Sulfrino
Y Y Y Y x Y Y


Suitable Methods and timing for cooking  Potatoes. How long should you cook potatoes?




Whole in skins (Jacket) =  60 - 90 minutes. Prick skins a couple of times with the point of a sharp knife. Rub with oil for a crisper skin.

Chunks   =  50 - 60 minutes. Best par-boiled first for 10 minutes. Coat in oil or goose fat an sprinkle with salt or seasonings before roasting.

Cubes = 35-45 minutes Best par-boiled first for 5 minutes. Coat in oil or goose fat and sprinkle with salt or seasonings before roasting.

Slices/Batons =  45 - 70 minutes baked in a sauce or cream


y Cubes/Chunks   =    10 - 20 minutes


y Slices/Chips (French Fries) / Batons / Cubes   =  Sauté 10 - 20 minutes; Deep fry  8 - 10 minutes
Crisps =    Deep fry  4 - 6 minutes


y 1 Whole in skin (Jacket) =  4-9 minutes. Pierce skin in several places
= 5 - 10 minutes



Cubes/Thick Slices   =    20 - 30 minutes


y 80-90 minutes  (see individual recipes)

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NB  there are 2 main types of potatoes, the characteristics of which make them more suitable for different cooking methods :-
Floury Potatoes - once cooked have an open texture making them suitable for baking, roasting or mashing
Waxy Potatoes - keep their shape which makes them suitable for boiling, frying and cold in salads


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