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Vegetable Seed Germinating Temperatures

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Below are guidelines to  minimum temperatures required for reasonable germination. In general, seeds should be sown at the beginning of the season, when outdoor temperatures are likely to rise rather than fall.  However, you are advised to read the notes on the seed packet for your particular country.


N.B.  Most vegetable and herb seeds will germinate well/more quickly at  higher temperatures.


For even more detailed instructions on growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and edible flowers plus in-depth articles on growing your own edible produce visit our sister site or why not visit our gardening blog The Urban Gardener.



Minimum Temperature 
21C/69F Aubergine


8C/ 46F    Broad Bean
12C/ 53F    French Bean
12C/ 53F    Runner Bean
8C/ 46F Beetroot
8C/ 46F Broccoli / Calabrese
8C/ 46F Brussels sprouts
8C/ 46F Cabbage (summer)
8C/ 46F Carrot
8C/ 46F Cauliflower
10C/ 50F Celeriac
10C/ 50F Celery 
18C/ 64F Chili Peppers
8C/ 46F Chinese cabbage
13C/ 55F Courgette
13C/ 55F Cucumber (Outdoor)
21C/ 70F Cucumber (greenhouse)
8C/46F Kale
8C/46F Kohl Rabi
8C/46F Leek
8C/46F Lettuce
10C/50F Mangetout
13C/ 55F Marrow
8C/46F Onion
8C/46F Parsnip
8C/46F Peas
18C/ 64F Peppers (Sweet/ Capsicum)
8C/46F Radish
8C/46F Salsify
8C/46F Spinach /Leaf beet
18C/ 64F Squash/Pumpkin
8C/46F Swede
12C/53F Sweet corn
18C/64F Tomatoes 
8C/46F Turnip

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