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Abbreviations on this Site



Below is the full list of abbreviations which feature on all recipes on this site. 


How many  times have you come across the title of a recipe which sounds great only to find that it's a starter instead of a main course or something similar? This is what prompted me to put these abbreviations in place, especially as less experienced cooks may not be able to tell just by reading the ingredients.


Once you are familiar with them  they will clarify what type of dish it is just by the title. For example  HT = hot (as opposed to cold), Veg = Vegetarian,  MC = Main course.  They are also explained on the "search page" as they were originally put in place so that people could  use them as shortcuts when searching to define what they were looking for. And it doesn't matter whether you use lower or upper case.


E.G.  if you only have a small amount of salmon which would only be enough for a starter, you can use the search form to find a recipe by typing  Salmon  HD = (hors d'oeuvre) and the result should only return starters containing salmon. You could also add other recognised abbreviations e.g.  CD = cold  plus other words e.g. smoked (as opposed to fresh or tinned salmon). I hope you find them useful.





Florence Sandeman, Publisher




CD     =     Cold  HT    =   Hot 
HD    =   Hors d'oeuvre    SP    =   Soup
VEG   =  Vegetarian    MC    =  Main Course
ACC   = Accompaniment    DP   =    Desserts and Pudding
CBF =   Cakes & Baked Fayre PFC     =    Party Food and Cocktails
BBQ = Barbecues    PIC = picnics   
IND   =  Indian    CHI    =  Chinese 

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Abbreviations on this site  




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