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Side Salad Recipes


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Here is a large collection of salad recipes suitable for serving as an accompaniment to main dishes including traditional and popular salad recipes such as coleslaw, Waldorf salad, Caesar salad, Russian salad, potato salad recipes, bean salads and tomato salads. There are also salads from around the world including Tabbouleh, Greek Horiatiki, Canadian Fiddlehead salad and Mauritian Choko Salad.  Don't forget to visit our Pasta accompaniment section for lots of pasta salads - excellent for picnics and summer eating.


Key:-     Veg = Vegetarian      HT = Hot      CD = Cold         ACC = Accompaniment    


Cheese and Dandelion Salad   Veg  CD    ACC     5mins

Celery and Kohlrabi Salad    Veg   CD   ACC   10mins plus chilling       June 2002

Almond & Cucumber Salad   Veg     CD    ACC     10mins plus chilling 

Beetroot Salad     Veg  CD  ACC  Australian  10mins plus standing          June  2005

Celery and Coconut Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  10mins plus chilling    July 2002

Cider and Cucumber Salad     Veg     CD      ACC   10mins plus chilling

Coleslaw     Veg   CD   ACC    10mins plus standing

Green Papaya Salad        Veg   CD   ACC   Tahitian   10mins     May 2003

Horiatiki       Veg  CD ACC  Greek  10mins    August 2002

Lettuce and Avocado Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  10mins    June  2008

Lettuce and Honey Orange Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  10mins     June  2008

Onion and Tomato Salad     Veg  CD  ACC  Madagascan  10mins plus chilling    May 2004

Palm Heart Salad       Veg   CD   ACC   Mauritian   10mins     January  2003

Pear and Goat's Cheese   Veg    CD    ACC      10mins

Red Cabbage and Lingonberry Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  Finnish  10mins plus marinating     April 2007

Russian Salad     CD      ACC   10mins plus chilling

Shopska Salad     Veg  CD  ACC  Bulgarian  10mins     March 2004 

Strawberry and Spinach Salad    CD  ACC  10mins

Two Bean Salad     Veg     CD     ACC    10mins plus chilling

Anchovy Salad     CD     ACC    15mins

Avocado and Pine Nut Salad     CD    ACC     15mins

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Beansprout and Lychee Salad       CD    ACC     15mins

Beetroot and Orange Salad     Veg     CD    ACC     15mins

Chickpea Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  15mins          June  2008

Crunchy Beetroot Salad   Veg   CD   ACC   15mins     

Cucumbers in Sour Cream     Veg   CD   ACC   Polish   15mins plus chilling      May  2005

Green Tomato Salad     Veg   CD   MC   Myanmar   15mins        September  2004 

Lettuce with Lemon Anchovy Dressing    CD  ACC  15mins        June  2008

Mixed Avocado Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  15mins       August   2008

White Cabbage Salad     Veg     CD    ACC     15mins

Chicory and Emmenthal Salad    Veg    CD     ACC   15mins

Fennel and Tomato Salad     Veg     CD     ACC    15mins

Gazpacho Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  Italian  15mins plus chilling

Spinach & Bacon Salad   CD    ACC     15mins

Tunisian Aubergine Salad    Veg  CD  ACC 15mins + marinating 

Warm Cauliflower Salad  Veg  HT  ACC 15mins        March 2006

Bacon and Avocado Salad   CD   ACC  20mins

Cabbage and Apple Salad   Veg  CD  ACC  French 20mins plus chilling

Cambodian Cucumber Salad  Veg  HT CD ACC  Cambodian 20mins  Dec  2003

Cherry and Walnut Salad   Veg  CD  ACC  English  20mins   June 2002

Chive Potato Salad   Veg  CD  ACC  20 mins    New!   June  2012

Feta and Green Bean Salad  Veg  CD  ACC 20mins 

Fiddlehead and Bean Salad  Veg  CD  ACC  Canadian  20mins plus chilling    Sep 2006

Green Salad with Roquefort     Veg     CD    ACC     French   20mins

Bamboo Shoot & Beansprout  Salad   Veg    CD    ACC  20mins plus chilling

Fennel and Lettuce Salad     Veg     CD    ACC     20mins

Parsley Potato Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  20 mins      New!   June  2012

Shepherds Salad      Veg   CD   ACC   Turkish   20mins

Tunisian Salad   Veg     CD    ACC     N. African     20mins plus chilling

Waldorf Salad     Veg     CD    ACC     20mins

Anchovy Caesar Salad  CD ACC  25mins      New!   June  2012

Avocado and Cheese Salad     Veg    CD     ACC   25mins

Avocado Caesar Salad  Veg CD ACC  25mins      New!   June  2012

Caesar Salad      CD   ACC   25mins     April 2002

Malay Mixed Salad     Veg  HT  ACC  Malaysian  25mins          April  2005

Roasted Carrot Coriander Rice Salad  Veg  CD  ACC  25mins plus Cooling   May 2008

Spinach and Sesame Salad         CD    ACC     25mins

Tabbouleh Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  25mins       June  2008

Bacon Caesar Salad   CD  ACC  30mins   New!   June  2012

Calabrian Salad    Veg    CD    ACC   Italian    30mins           

Hot Lettuce Salad     HT   ACC    30mins     June 2002

Potato Salad With Cumin    Veg  HT  ACC  Tunisian 30mins plus chilling       March 2006

Radicchio Salad     Veg   CD   ACC    Italian    30mins

Raphael Salad     Veg   CD   AC   30mins

Spicy Noodle Salad     CD   ACC    30mins

Tomato and Parsley Salad     Veg    CD   ACC    30mins

Tomato and Basil Salad     Veg     CD    ACC     30mins

Tongan Pawpaw Salad   Veg  CD  ACC  30mins      October  2008

Vegetable and Herb Salad     Veg     CD    ACC     30mins

Carrot, Feta, Mint, Couscous Salad   Veg  CD  ACC  35mins plus Cooling       May 2008

Choko Salad     Veg   CD   ACC   Mauritian   35mins plus cooling       January  2003

Mushroom Pasta Salad    Veg  HT  CD  ACC  35mins        June  2008

Viennese Salad     CD    ACC     Austrian     35mins

Balkan Mixed Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  Bulgarian 40mins     March 2004 

Roast Vegetable Salad     Veg    CD         40mins

Tangy Potato Salad     Veg     CD   ACC    40mins plus standing

Celery, Butter Bean and Mushroom Salad     Veg     CD     ACC    45mins

Couscous Salad    Veg    CD    ACC    45mins

Chickpea Salad   Veg     CD     ACC    70mins

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