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Jams, Pickles & Preserves Recipes


A large collection of recipes for Fruit jams, conserves, marmalade recipes, favourite pickles such as pickled onions, sweet pickled beetroot, piccalilli, chutney recipes, mincemeat, lemon curd, bottled vegetables, bottled fruit, flavoured vinegars and oils.

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Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      ACC = Accompaniment   


Jams, Conserves and Jellies Recipes

Apple and Blackberry Jam         Veg     CD     ACC

Blueberry Preserve         Veg     CD     ACC 

Black Cherry Jam         Veg     CD     ACC

Blueberry Freezer Jam Veg CD ACC      

Damson Jam Recipe  Veg  CD  ACC       New!   August 2011

Elderberry Jam Veg CD ACC           October 2007

Guava Jelly         Veg     CD     ACC

Loganberry Conserve     Veg     CD     ACC

Loganberry Jam         Veg     CD     ACC

Mint Jelly         Veg     CD     ACC

Sweet Onion Jam         Veg     CD     ACC

Spiced Orange Cherry Jam         Veg     CD     ACC

Plum Jam         Veg     CD     ACC

Raspberry Conserve         Veg     CD     ACC

Raspberry Jam         Veg     CD     ACC

Redcurrant Jelly         Veg     CD     ACC

Rhubarb and Mint Preserve   Veg   CD   ACC
Rhubarb and Orange Jam    Veg  CD  ACC     New!   April 2008

Sage Jelly         Veg     CD     ACC

Soft Berry Freezer Jam Veg CD ACC      

Strawberry Conserve         Veg     CD     ACC

Strawberry Jam         Veg     CD     ACC

Thyme Jelly         Veg     CD     ACC







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Pickles, Relishes and Chutneys Recipes

Sweet Pickled Green Beans     Veg     CD     ACC

Beetroot Chutney         Veg     CD     ACC

Chipotles in Adobo Sauce    Veg   CD   ACC   Mexican    100mins       December 2002

Pickled Pink Ginger    Veg     CD   ACC Japanese 24hours

Pickled Red Cabbage         Veg     CD     ACC 

Sweet Pickled Beetroot    Veg   CD   ACC      June 2003

Cabbage Kimchi    Veg  CD  ACC  Korea  2 days     New!  September 2005

Sweet Pickled Cauliflower         Veg     CD     ACC

Cucumber Kimchi CD ACC Korean 24 hours      New!  September 2005

Courgette Chutney         Veg     CD     ACC

Date Chutney         Veg     CD     ACC

Dill Pickles with Garlic         Veg     CD     ACC

Dower House Chutney         Veg     CD     ACC

Homemade Honey Mustard     CD   Veg    ACC 

Red Pickled Eggs         Veg     CD     ACC

Pickled Garlic         Veg     CD     ACC

Green Tomato Chutney         Veg     CD     ACC

Lamoun Makbouss (Pickled Lemons)         Veg     CD     ACC

Mango Chutney         Veg   CD    ACC

Marrow and Ginger Chutney          Veg     CD     ACC

Mustard Pickle         Veg     CD     ACC

Piccalilli         Veg     CD     ACC     British 

Pickled Sweet Peppers         Veg     CD     ACC

Pickled Prunes         Veg     CD     ACC     British 

Pickled Onions         Veg     CD     ACC

Pickling Spice Mixture         Veg     CD     ACC

Spicy Pickled Plums         Veg     CD     ACC

Radish Kimchi    Veg CD ACC Korean 2 days       New!  September 2005

Tomato Chutney     Veg     CD     ACC

Sweet Pickled Cherry Tomatoes         Veg     CD     ACC


Miscellaneous Preserving Recipes

Duck or Goose Confit    HT  CD  MC  French  130mins plus marinating and cooling

Marmalades, Curds and Mincemeat Recipes

Apple Marmalade         Veg     CD     ACC

Golden Apple Mincemeat         Veg     HT     CD     ACC     DP

Lemon Curd         Veg     CD     ACC     English

Lemon Marmalade         Veg     CD     ACC

Lime Curd       Veg     CD     ACC     English

Mincemeat    HT  CD  DP    British 

Pear Marmalade         Veg     CD     ACC

Raspberry Curd         Veg     CD     ACC     English

Tangerine Curd         Veg     CD     ACC     English


Vinegars and Oils Recipes

Cherry Vinegar          Veg     CD    ACC

Chili Vinegar         Veg     CD     ACC

Garlic Wine Vinegar          Veg      CD     ACC

Mixed Herb Vinegar         Veg     CD     ACC

Raspberry Vinegar          Veg    CD     ACC

Spiced Vinegar         Veg     CD     British 

Tarragon Vinegar         Veg     CD     ACC

Basil Oil         Veg         CD         ACC

Rosemary Oil with Red Chiles         Veg     CD     ACC


Bottled Fruit and Vegetables Recipes

Aubergines in Olive Oil         Veg     CD     ACC

Brandied Cherries         Veg     CD     ACC

Marron Glace         Veg     CD     ACC

Preserved Lemons        Veg     CD     ACC

Spiced Crab apples Veg CD ACC    New!  August 2003

Spiced Plums and Peaches     Veg     CD     ACC

Soft Fruit in Vodka         Veg     CD     ACC

Sun Dried Tomatoes         Veg     CD     ACC

Sweet Pickled Green Tomatoes     Veg    CD    ACC

Homemade Vanilla Extract         CD     Veg     ACC     7 weeks


Key techniques required to make this recipe


Boil - To bring a liquid to boiling temperature and to maintain it throughout the cooking time.


Chop to To cut into pieces of approximately the same size


Slice to -  To cut food, such as bread, meat, fish or vegetables, into flat pieces of varying thickness.


Tips, Options and Substitutions

 See above

Main equipment required to make this recipe


Chopping Knife

Chopping Board


Wooden or Plastic Spoon

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