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Offal Main Course Recipes

A large collection of Offal recipes


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Remember !   If you have specific requirements,  use the search form  on the SEARCH PAGE to find all the available  recipes  e.g.   ht  mc  foie  gras  Madeira    will  find you a hot offal main course containing foie gras and madeira e.g.  Foie Gras with Sautéed Potatoes. Recipes listed by preparation time.



Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      SP = Soup      HD = Starter      MC = Main Course  ACC = Accompaniment      DP = Dessert/Pudding     CBF = Cakes/Baked Fayre


* Denotes A Working Week Menu


Types  of  Offal


Offal Main Course Recipes

* Fried Liver and Bacon    HT MC  15mins

* Turkish Liver      HT  MC  Turkish  15mins    August 2003

Braised Chicken Livers    HT  MC  20mins    New!    October   2008

* Calves Liver with Apple    HT  MC  20mins      New!    August   2008

* Calves Liver with Onions     HT MC  20mins

* Devilled Kidneys    HT  MC  20mins

Foie en Meurette    HT  MC  French   20mins      

* Grilled Lamb's Kidneys    HT  MC  20mins      June   2008

* Liver and Bacon Brochettes    HT MC  Swiss  20mins

Liver Portuguese    HT  MC  S. American   20mins plus marinating

Calves Liver with Port     HT  MC  25mins      June 2003

Calves Liver with Salami     HT MC  25mins

* Courgette and Liver Fry    HT  MC  25mins     June   2008

* Deluxe Kidney Omelette    HT MC  25mins

Fried Goose Liver     HT  MC   Hungarian    25mins      November 2002

* Kidneys with Noodles    HT  MC  25mins          March   2008

* Liver with Herbed Breadcrumbs    HT  MC  25mins         April   2008

Spicy Liver    HT  MC   Indonesian   25mins

* Braised Liver with Orange        HT  MC  25mins

* Flambéed Calves Kidneys    HT  MC  25mins plus standing      March   2008

* Kidney and Rosemary Skewers    HT  MC   25mins

Liver Milanese    HT  MC  Italian  25mins   New!    October   2008

* Liver with Mushrooms    HT  MC  25mins   New!    October   2008

* Maitre Grilled Kidneys   HT  MC  25mins        April   2008

Calves Liver Kasha     HT  MC  Russian  30mins      December  2004

* Calves Liver with Orange   HT  MC  30mins         March   2008

Foie Gras with Sautéed Potatoes    HT  MC   30mins

* Kidneys a la Jardiniere   HT  MC  French  30mins

* Kidney and Bacon Brochettes    HT  MC     30mins

Lambs Liver Chinese Style   HT  MC  Chinese    30mins

Liver and Juniper Meatballs    HT  MC   30mins

Sweetbreads with Lemon    HT  MC  French   30mins

Sweetbread and Veal Brochettes    HT MC   30mins

Lisbon Liver   HT  MC Portuguese  35mins plus marinating    October  2004

* Sherried Lamb Kidneys    HT  MC  35mins     New!    August   2008

* Spiced Kidneys In Yogurt    HT  MC  35mins       June   2008

Baked Tripe    HT  MC   Irish   40mins plus marination        

Calves Liver Hot Pot        HT  MC    40mins

Hearts Bonne-Femme    HT  MC  French   40mins

IC Pilav    HT  MC  Turkish   40mins plus standing  August 2003

Skewered Mixed Grill        HT MC   40mins

Liver with Apples    HT MC  Finnish   45mins

Kidneys in Sherry    HT MC  50mins

Lamb's Liver Roman Style    HT MC  Italian   50mins

Tongue en Papillotes    HT MC   50mins

Curried Kidneys        HT MC   55mins

Braised Sweetbreads     HT MC  MC  English   65mins       

Chicken Liver Sarma    HT  MC  Bulgarian  65mins      March 2004

Fried Sweetbreads    HT MC  65mins

Tripa de Vaca a Brasilerira HT MC Brazilian 80mins    July 2002

Casseroled Liver with Apples    HT MC   110mins

Braised Lamb Hearts   HT MC  120mins

Layered Heart Casserole    HT MC 120mins

Roast Stuffed Lambs' Hearts       HT  MC   120mins

Faggots    HT MC    British   130mins

Heart Ragout    HT MC     French     140mins

Madrid Tripe       HT  MC   Spanish   160mins

Ale and Heart Hot Pot       HT MC    180mins

Buckingham Suet Dumpling   Veg  HT  ACC  English  200mins    April 2007

Haggis  HT MC   MC    Scottish    British    230mins plus soaking    



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Key techniques required to make this recipe


Chop to – To cut into pieces of approximately the same size.
Slice to -  To cut food, such as bread, meat, fish or vegetables, into flat pieces of varying thickness.


Freezing/Make ahead

Not suitable


Tips, Options and Substitutions


Main equipment required to make this Recipe


Chopping Knife


Wooden or Plastic Spoon


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