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Food Shopping For Students

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This is  part  V of a series of articles offering advice to students on subjects such as cooking on a budget,  shopping for food, store-cupboard staples,  cooking tips,  kitchen equipment,  basic kitchen and food hygiene plus lots of easy, nutritious and delicious recipes which wont break the bank.

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This collection of 60 recipes has been put together especially for students. Most are economical, quick, easy to make and nutritious, however we've also included some "treats" for when you've done well with your budget and have a little extra to spend. To make it even easier, you can also choose the serving amount on many of the recipes - from cooking for 1 to feeding the house (8) - and the recipes are listed in clearly defined sections in order of preparation/cooking time.  You can even email your favourite recipes to friends directly from the app.

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Below is a list of essential items you will need to cook a variety of delicious and nutritious meals.  Subject to your personal likes, you should aim to buy most items on this list on your first shopping trip to ensure you have a variety of stand-bys available to cook with.

Store Cupboard Staples for Students

Dried Pasta
Couscous and/or dried Noodles
Cereals or Oats
Tinned Tomatoes
Tinned Tuna and/or Salmon excellent for baked potatoes or with pasta
Baked Beans and/or other beans such as Chickpeas
Dry Seasonings and Spices e.g. Salt, Pepper, Mixed Herbs, Curry Powder, Garlic Salt, Cayenne or Chilli Powder, Stock Cubes or Liquids
Vegetable Oil and/or Olive Oil
Wine Vinegar
Tomato Ketchup
Tea and/or Coffee
Sugar and/or Honey (careful with the honey some are quite expensive)

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Chilled and Fresh Foods for Students

Hard Cheese such as Cheddar suitable for slicing and grating
Bacon or Ham
Your favourite veggies and fruit pick a SMALL amount of a variety of different coloured fruit and veg as the various colours indicate different nutrients i.e. green, red, yellow, purple etc and bear in mind that imported exotic fruit and veg will be more expensive.

Even the above relatively short list of foods can provide you with a variety of nutritious meals to be getting on with but if you add some fresh chicken, fish or meat you will have a veritable food mine.


Dont forget buy smaller quantities of fresh and chilled produce to avoid wastage: its better to go shopping twice a week rather than have to throw food away which has gone off.



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