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Dips and Dressings

A large collection of Dip Recipes and Dressing Recipes from around the world including traditional and popular recipes such as vinaigrette, cheese dips, mayonnaise, flavoured salad dressings and Hummous.

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Recipes Listed by preparation time

Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      ACC = Accompaniment     


Dips Recipes  

Caesar Dip     CD    ACC    5mins    

Cheese and Horseradish Dip    Veg     CD     5mins

Corn Dip    Veg     CD     5mins

Crab Dip     CD     5mins plus chilling

Fruity Dip    Veg     CD     5mins

Garlic Herb Yoghurt Dip  Veg   CD   ACC   5mins      

Kiwifruit Dressing    Veg  CD  ACC  5mins       April  2006

Mustard Dip      Veg     CD      5mins

Salmon and Cream Cheese Dip     CD      5mins

Stilton Dip   Veg   CD   ACC    English   5mins plus chilling       December 2001

Tuna Dip     CD     5mins plus chilling

Walnut Vinaigrette     Veg   CD   ACC 5mins    December 2002

Avocado Dip       Veg   CD    10mins plus chilling

Cheese and Herb Dip    Veg     CD     10mins

Coriander Vinaigrette    Veg  CD  ACC  10mins       October  2007

Cottage Cheese Dip       Veg     CD     10mins

Danish Blue Dip    Veg     CD     10mins

Ginger Dipping Sauce  CD  ACC  Cambodian  10mins    

Guacamole          Veg   CD   ACC   Mexican   10mins    December 2002

Nam Prik Kiga    CD   ACC   Thai   10mins  

Piquant Horseradish Dip     CD     10mins

Smoked Mackerel Dip   CD   10mins plus chilling    

Tzatziki    Veg  CD   HD   ACC   Greek   10mins       August 2002

White Bean Hummus    Veg  CD  HD  Egyptian  10mins     February  2007

Bacon and Soured Cream Dip       CD     15mins

Lemon Myrtle and Chilli Dipping Sauce   HT  CD  ACC  Australian  15mins    June 2005

Nam Prik Kaeng Kari    CD   ACC   Thai   15mins     April 2002

Nam Prik Paow    CD   ACC   Thai   15mins   April 2002

Spinach Dip  Veg    CD    15min plus chilling

Oriental Dipping Sauce  Veg     CD     20mins plus cooling    December  2003

Butter Bean Dip  Veg   CD   25mins plus standing

Mexican Bean Dip       Veg     CD     25mins plus chilling

Red Pepper and Almond Dip  Veg   CD   25mins

Aubergine Dip   Veg   CD  35mins   

Hummus   Dip   VEG   CD   70mins plus chilling


Dressing Recipes

Banana Dressing      Veg    CD     5mins

Basil Mayonnaise     Veg     CD    5mins 

Chili Mayonnaise    Veg    CD    ACC    5mins        

Cinnamon Ginger Dressing   Veg    CD    ACC     5mins      

Creole Seasoning   Veg    CD  ACC   Cajun     5mins    

Japanese-style Dressing    Veg     CD     5mins

Mild Dressing    Veg     CD     5mins

Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing   Veg  CD    5mins

Nasturtium Herb Vinaigrette    Veg  CD  ACC  5mins       March  2008

Oriental Ginger Dressing    Veg     CD     5mins  

Quick Caesar Salad Dressing    CD  ACC  5mins   New!   August    2008

Raspberry Vinaigrette    Veg     CD     5mins

Saffron Dressing    Veg   CD   ACC   5mins   April 2002

Spiced Vinegar  Veg   CD     British     5mins plus standing       

Stilton Sour Cream Dressing Veg CD ACC English 5mins      

Tarragon and Mustard Mayonnaise   Veg    CD     5mins          

Tomato Dressing    Veg     CD     5mins

Yoghurt & Horseradish Dressing    Veg    CD   5mins plus chilling

Basil Vinaigrette   Veg   CD   ACC   10mins  

Green Goddess Dressing       CD     10mins

Herb Vinaigrette  Dressing   Veg    CD     10mins

Lemon Myrtle Dressing    Veg  CD  ACC  Australian  10mins plus cooling     June 2005

Orange Dressing  Veg   CD     10mins

Papaya Seed Dressing     Veg   CD   ACC 10mins     May 2003

Roquefort Salad Dressing  Veg   CD  Italian    10mins

Spanish Dressing   Veg     CD     Spanish     10mins

Homemade Mayonnaise    Veg  CD  ACC  15mins     New!   March  2010

Smoked Cheese Dressing      CD   ACC   British   15mins       October 2003

Traditional Caesar Salad Dressing    CD  ACC  15mins    New!   August    2008

Horseradish and Walnut Dressing  Veg  CD  English  20mins plus chilling        

Orange and Lemon Balm Dressing  Veg   CD     20mins plus standing


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Key techniques required to make this recipe


Chop to To cut into pieces of approximately the same size


Slice to -  To cut food, such as vegetables, into flat pieces of varying thickness.


Make Ahead/ Freeze


Tips, Options and Substitutions

Main equipment required to make dips or dressings


Chopping Knife

Chopping Board

Mixing bowl

Wooden or Plastic Spoon

Food mixer

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