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Sweet and Sour Recipes



The term Sweet and sour is most often linked with Chinese cooking and whilst it is widely believed that the idea originated in Canton, a province in China, it isn't known exactly when it was created although some say it was specifically created for western tastes - much like Indian Tikka Masala.

Be that as it may, sweet and sour dishes are popular in China. Apparently, the Cantonese word for "sour" sounds like the word for "grandchildren" so sweet and sour pork has become a traditional dish served at New year as it is believed the eating of it  will ensure new grandchildren in the coming year.



Practically anything can be cooked in the Sweet and Sour mode from fish to poultry to meat and the Chinese aren't the only people to use this mix.


Below are a few Sweet and Sour recipes for you to try. Don't be afraid to vary the ratio of sweet to sour according to your own taste.


Happy Cooking!


Sweet and Sour Sauce HT ACC Chinese 10mins

Sweet and Sour Chicken HT Chinese MC 30mins

Sweet and Sour Fish HT Chinese MC 20mins

Sweet and Sour Meatballs HT Chinese MC 50mins

Sweet and Sour Pork HT Chinese MC 30mins

Sweet and Sour Tofu Salad HT MC Cambodian 35mins

Sweet and Sour Tofu With Vegetables HT Veg MC 40mins

Sweet and sour Red Cabbage HT ACC 80mins


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