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Ravioli Making Equipment

A guide to equipment needed to make Ravioli

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At its most basic, the only equipment you will need is a mixing bowl, rolling pin and a knife or biscuit cutter. However there is additional equipment available which can make forming the parcels easier.


Manual cutters not only produce evenly sized ravioli, but some also create a narrower  border around the filling which some people prefer.



Ravioli stamp cutters - These are the most simple of ravioli cutters which come in a variety of sizes but usually square or round in shape. They have a sturdy handle and the cutting edge generally produces a crimped edge.

The dough is rolled out then the stamp is used to cut out the shapes. A small amount of filling is then placed in the centre of half the shapes then the remaining pieces are placed on top and the borders sealed manually.


Individual Ravioli Moulds -  These are made of plastic or stainless steel and can also be used to make Chinese style stuffed dumplings, empanadas etc., and produce  .

They come in a range of sizes and are usually round with a hinged centre so the ravioli comes out in a half moon shape with a narrow crimped border. 

You will need to cut out a circle of dough to fit the size of the mould, place on the mould, add the filling then close the hinged sides which will fold the circle in half, seal and crimp the edges.

  Tray Ravioli Moulds These come in various sizes including 12, 24 and 36 holed versions and in various shapes e.g. round, square and triangular. Generally the end size of the ravioli is around 5cm/2-inches however some are smaller.

A sheet of dough is rolled out then placed over the mould and depressed into the holes which are then  filled with a filling.  Another sheet of dough is then placed on top and, using a rolling pin, firmly rolled over which will cut into individual ravioli, usually with a narrow crimped edge.

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  Automatic fillers and cutters

Some pasta machines have an additional attachment specifically designed to make ravioli which usually fill and cut the ravioli.

When purchasing a pasta machine, you are advised to double check that the model you are buying has a ravioli attachment as some of the cheaper models do not and for many models the ravioli attachment is sold separately. See your particular model for instruction


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