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In Season in Autumn: Damsons

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What are Damsons?


Damsons, also called Damask plums, are a small fruit similar to plums but with an indigo/ purple skin and a more tart flavour. A member of the rose family whilst juicy, they tend not be eaten raw because of their sour flavour.

An autumn fruit, they are at their best in September.


Buying and storing fresh Damsons


If you are lucky enough to find Damsons for sale, when buying choose plump, juicy  but relatively firm specimens although you are more likely to be given home grown damsons or, indeed, to grow them yourself.  Store fresh damsons  the same way as you would plums. They will last a few days at room temperature or a little longer if refrigerated.  Do not store in plastic bags or clingfilm.


Preparing  and Cooking fresh Damsons


Before use, wash well. For most recipes they will need to be stoned. This is most easily done by cutting along the clearly visible line then twist the two halves in opposite directions to separate. Remove the stone with the tip of a sharp knife.


Damsons can be substituted in most recipes using plums although when using in dessert recipes, a little more sugar should be used to compensate for their tartness. Damsons are particularly good for making jams and jellies and can also be used in  savoury dishes with meats such as lamb.


Nutritional value of Damsons


Damsons are rich in vitamin C, proteins and fibre and also contain minerals such as potassium and phosphorus. They contain around 10 calories per 25g/1oz.

Editor's Choice:  Top 3 Spring Season Damsons Recipes



Damson and Apple Tansy

A warm dessert using two seasonal ingredients namely damsons and apples.  This custard/omelette dessert traditionally included a bitter-sweet herb called tansy




Ginger Damson Pudding

A delicious dessert steamed pudding made with lightly stewed damsons which are placed in the bottom of the pudding basin so when it's turn out the pudding has a wonderful damson topping.




Damson Jam Recipe

Because of their sweet sour flavour and higher acid content,  damsons make superb jam and preserves. This is a basis recipe for damson jam.

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