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Culinary Information Pages

In depth articles and information relating to understanding, buying, growing, preparing, cooking and serving food

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Buying and Choosing Food


Information about Meat Poultry, Game & Fish


Cuts of Alligator

Cuts of Beef

Cuts of Lamb

Cuts of Pork

Cuts of Venison

Types of Offal

Game Seasons UK

Types of Fish


Information about Vegetables and Vegetarian items

Choosing, general preparation and cooking 

Growing your own vegetables and herbs

Information about mycoprotein including what it is, how it's made and its culinary uses

Preserving Fresh Produce
Information on freezing, drying and bottling fresh produce including jams & pickles

Buying Food


Tips for saving money on food shopping

Economical food shopping for Students

Farmers' Markets in the UK

Online Food Shopping Directory

Buying Food for Christmas

Turkey Tips   - Buying and storing tips

What's in Season: -  Buying food in season

Planning, Buying and Choosing Kitchen Equipment


Kitchen Planning: How to plan a kitchen from scratch and how to remodel an existing kitchen



Buying and choosing kitchen equipment

A Guide to Barbecue Equipment - BBQ Essential and optional Accessories

Kitchen Equipment For Students:  - A guide to essential kitchen equipment

Kitchenware: Online retailers directory



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Food preparation and cooking techniques


Book Reviews - Cookbook and food related book reviews

Casseroles - How to slow-cook all types of foods in casseroles in the oven including meats, poultry, fish, seafood and vegetables plus lots of recipes

Cooking En Papillote - How to cook all types of food including vegetables, fruit, fish, poultry, seafood and meats in parchment parcels plus lots of recipes

Cooking With Alcohol - How to cook recipes which include all manner of alcohol including wine, liqueurs, beer, cider and spirits

Cooking with Pressure Cookers  - A guide to using pressure cookers and adapting recipes

Cooking with Slow Cookers: A guide to using slow cookers and adapting recipes

Culinary Terms / Glossary:  -  List of commonly used cooking terms

Preserving Fresh Produce : Information on freezing, drying and bottling fresh produce including jams & pickles

Stews - Information about cooking stews on the hob or stove top

"How to" Videos:  - Instructional technique and recipe videos

Meat & Poultry

Beef:   - General preparation and cooking times for Beef and Veal

Lamb:  - General preparation and cooking times

Meatballs - How to cook perfect meatballs plus lots of meatball recipes

Pork and Bacon:  - General preparation and cooking times

Poultry and Game:  - General preparation and cooking times

Turkey:  - How to roast a turkey

Tagines:   - Information on how to cook tagines

Fish & Shellfish

Fish :  -  guide on how to prepare fresh fish plus general cooking times


 Vegetables, Herbs & Accompaniments

Dried Beans:  - Types, descriptions, information and recipes

Edible Flowers   - List of types, Uses and Recipes

Herbs  - Information about herbs and their uses

Mushrooms:   - A Guide to Wild and Cultivated Mushrooms plus lots of recipes

Vegetables  - Basic Preparation Instructions and Cooking Times

Batters, Pastries &  Doughs

Flans, Tarts and Quiches: Lots of  information and instructions how to make perfect flans and tarts

Frittatas:  Information, hints and tips on how to make Frittatas plus lots of Frittata Recipes

Gnocchi: Information and details how to make fresh homemade gnocchi

 Ravioli: Detailed instructions how to make homemade ravioli plus lots of recipes

Tempura:  How to cook tempura,  information, history and recipes

Vol au Vent:  How to make vols au vent cases and  fillings

Yorkshire Puddings:  How to make perfect Yorkshire Pudding

Cakes & Desserts

Biscotti - How to make biscotti plus lots of Biscotti Recipes

How to make Crumble Toppings  plus lots of Crumble Topping Recipes

Cupcakes - How to make cupcakes plus lots of Cupcake Recipes

Glace Icing Recipes : How to make basic Glace Icing plus recipes for lots of variations and flavoured glace icing recipes

Macarons:  How to make French Meringue Macarons plus a selection of Macarons Recipes

Muffins - How to make American muffins plus lots of sweet and savoury Muffin Recipes

Whoopie Pies - How to make Whoopie Pies plus lots of Whoopie Pie Recipes


Smoothies - general info

How to make Smoothies: Fruit Smoothies, Vegetable Smoothies, Adult Smoothies

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Serving Food & Special Occasions

Serving Food

Special Occasions

BBQs: Barbecue Cooking, Planning and Safety tips

Parties: Hints, tips and ideas on how to throw a party

Picnics: Ideas, tips, advice and recipes for perfect picnics

Table Settings: General Information

Formal Place Settings

Informal Place Settings

Buffet Table Settings

Napkin Folding 

Chinese New Year:  Spring Festival culinary traditions, food and recipes

Christmas:   Hints, tips and Recipes for the Christmas season

Easter Information about Easter including future dates , Traditional Easter foods and a complete Easter menu

Halloween:  Information and recipes

Mother's Day: Ideas and recipes to treat your mum on Mothering Sunday

New Year's Day:  Information and world  traditions

Valentines day: Information, history, ideas and recipes for St. Valentine's Day

Family, Children and Student

School Lunch Boxes:  Ideas for interesting, nutritional and safe packed lunches

Family Meal Planning:  Advice on feeding the family and Family Friendly Meals

Student Cooking:  Articles offering advice for students including budgeting, essential equipment, shopping

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In-depth analysis and information about individual cooking ingredients including origin, history, cultivation, buying and storing and use in cooking. Listed in alphabetical order






Baking Soda/Powder

Balsamic Vinegar


Brown Crabs











Crème Fraîche




Dried Beans & Peas

Edible Flowers


Florence Fennel




Goose Fat




Juniper Berries

Kiwi Fruit




Maple Syrup

Marsala Port and Sherry


Morel Mushrooms




Nutmeg and Mace

Olive Oil 




Pine Nuts




Razor Clams



Rock Samphire

Sea Trout


Sesame Seeds

Stilton Cheese

Star Anise



Sweet Potatoes











Wild Garlic

Worcestershire Sauce

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Conversion Charts

US Cups

Convert ingredients from US cups to Weight - lb/oz kg/g



Imperial (lb/oz) to Metric (kg/g)



Imperial to Metric (inches to cms)




Fluid Cups/ Imperial (fl.oz/Pt)/Metric (ml/L)


Food Equivalents



You say Eggplant I say Aubergine


Oven Temperatures

Centigrade (C) Fahrenheit  (F)

Gas Mark  

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 "How to" Videos

Clear instructional culinary based videos showing general preparations, techniques or full recipes including videos which have been produced by celebrity or professional chefs and Recipes4us.


International Cuisines

This section consists of a series of in depth articles on over 45 countries in the six continents of Europe, North America, South American, Asia, Africa and Australasia including information about climate, geography, agriculture, culture, culinary history, recipes, local ingredients and the national dish. Listed in alphabetical order.

Argentina | Australia | Belgium | Brazil | Bulgaria | Burma (Myanmar)  |Cambodia | Canada | China - Canton | China - General | Colombia | Egypt | England | Fiji | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | HungaryIndia  | Indonesia | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Korea | Madagascar| Malaysia| Mauritius | Mexico | Morocco | Myanmar  | Pakistan| Peru| Poland | Portugal | Russia | Scotland | South Africa| Spain | Sri Lanka | Tahiti | Thailand | Tunisia | Turkey | USA-Creole/Cajun  | Venezuela | Vietnam | Wales West Indies


Culinary Related Historical Information

See also:-     History of World Cuisines   |   Origins of Ingredients


This section contains a series of articles dedicated to the history of all things culinary - food, ingredients, recipes, dining, farming and agriculture. It will be added to over the coming months, gradually building up into a comprehensive section about the history of foods, recipes, culinary traditions and agriculture

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Nutrition and Health 

Food Celebration Days
Food Celebration DaysMany foods, including ingredients and recipes now have a day, week or month dedicated to them.


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