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Vinegar Recipes

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When most people think of vinegar they immediately associate it with salad dressings or, in Britain, with fish and chips. However the various types have their own unique qualities and, depending on the variety, many culinary uses from pickling to cake mixtures. Below is a selection of recipes on this site using various types of vinegar. To find more use the search facility.

To find out more about how vinegar is made plus origins, science and culinary uses of vinegar click the picture.


Balsamic Vinegar Recipes

There are many recipes on this site using Balsamic Vinegar that we have set up a page just for these at  Balsamic Vinegar Recipes - Italian Aged Vinegar from Modena



Cider Vinegar Recipes


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Malt Vinegar Recipes


Rice Wine Vinegar Recipes


White Distilled Vinegar Recipes

Jamaican Jerk Marinade HT CD ACC West Indian 5mins

Red Pickled Eggs Veg CD PIC 15mins plus standing

Fiddlehead and Bean Salad Veg CD ACC Canadian 20mins plus chilling

Frankfurters with Horseradish Sauce HT MC 20mins

Train Smash HT ACC South African 20mins

Lamb Tikka Kebab HT Indian MC 25mins plus marination

Sukhothai Pad T  hai Veg HT MC Thai 30mins

Choko Salad Veg CD ACC Mauritian 35mins plus cooling

Treacle Toffee Veg CD Confectionery English 30mins plus setting
Dairy Free Chocolate Fairy Cakes CD Veg CBF 35mins

Dairy Free Currant Fairy Cakes CD Veg CBF 35mins

Chocolate Cherry Upside Down Pudding HT Veg DP CBF 45mins

Dairy Free Cherry Cake CD Veg CBF 45mins

Jiaozi HT HD Chinese 45mins plus chilling

Vegan Chocolate Cake CD Veg CBF 45mins

Flavoured Vinegar Recipes

Black Butter Sauce for Fish  (Tarragon)
Pecan and Pasta Salad Veg CD ACC 15mins  (Tarragon)
Seared Scallop Salad HT HD 15mins  (Raspberry) 
Raspberry and Cucumber Salad Veg CD HD 30mins  (Raspberry) 

Baked Plaice with Black Butter HT MC 25mins  (Tarragon)

Beetroot Salad Veg CD ACC Australian 10mins plus standing   (Raspberry)

Pistachio and Pasta Salad Veg CD PIC 15mins plus cooling  (Tarragon)

Salad Nicoise         CD MC  75mins   (Tarragon)

Spanish Lamb Steaks HT BBQ MC 40mins plus marinating   (Tarragon)

Green Goddess Dressing Veg CD ACC 10mins   (Tarragon)

Red Wine Vinegar Recipes


Sherry Vinegar Recipes


White Wine Vinegar Recipes




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