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Information about Preparing Vegetables plus Cooking Times of Vegetables

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Whilst there are lots of recipes for many vegetables on this site, this section deals with the basics including buying, storing, preparing, cutting and cooking fresh vegetables plus serving allowances per person.  We've separated this section into pages covering individual vegetables, the links to which are in the chart below.



Vegetable Cuts


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Chips/French Fries/Crisps
Chips and Fries are
"sticks" of vegetables between 5cm/2-inches and 10cm/4-inches long and  up to 2.5cm/1-inch thick.  Crisps are very thin slices no thicker than 6mm/¼-inch. Both are cut before cooking and are usually deep fried until crispy.
A piece of cut vegetable larger than 3.75cm/1¾-inches. Usually cut before cooking.
Pieces of  vegetables from 1
2mm/½ -inch to 36mm/1½-inches square.  Can be cut before or after cooking.
Pieces of  vegetables between 6mm/¼-inch and  1
2mm/½ -inch square.  Can be cut before or after cooking.
Thin pieces of v
egetables created using a grater. They can be any length depending on the vegetable used but are always wafer thin.
Strips of vegetables usually 3mm/ ⅛- inch square up to 5cm/ 2 inches long standard. Often a mandoline is used for accuracy. Often used as a garnish.
Vegetables which have already been cooked until soft then further broken down with a fork or masher.


Thin "sticks" of vegetables no thicker than 6mm/¼-inch square and 5cm/2-inches long



Very thin slices of vegetables no larger than 6mm/¼-inch square. Most often used as a garnish

Vegetables which have usually already been cooked until soft then mashed, then made smooth by rigorous beating or passing through a sieve. With some vegetables a food processor can be used.
Vegetables cut into thin strips generally no wider than 6mm/¼-inch. Usually done before cooking.
Vegetables cut into similar size flat pieces. Can be lengthways or widthways,  from 3mm/-inch to 2.5cm/1-inch thick. The use of a mandoline makes slicing vegetables much easier and you can achieve very thin even slices.
Sulfrino Balls
Sulfrino vegetable balls are made with a very small melon scoop, sometimes called a Parisienne scoop, up to 12mm/½-inch in diameter. Most usually used for garnishes.

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