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UK Farmers Markets

See also:   Sourcing Local Produce:

With locally grown fresh produce at the forefront of everyone's minds, what better way to ensure you are really getting locally grown fruit and vegetables than to visit a farmers' market in your area. We have hundreds listed. To find the one nearest to you, just click your  county on the map below or scroll down to the end of this page for direct text links listed in alphabetical order, for a complete list including addresses and opening times.

Click here for LONDON

Click here for The Isle of Man and N. Ireland


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England Farmers' Markets

Bedfordshire Farmer's Markets

Bedfordshire Farmers Markets

Berkshire Farmer's Markets

Berkshire Farmers Markets

Buckinghamshire Farmer's Markets

Buckinghamshire Farmers Markets

Cambridgeshire Farmer's Markets

Cambridgeshire Farmers Markets

Cheshire Farmer's Markets

Cheshire Farmers Markets

Cornwall Farmer's Markets

Cornwall Farmers Markets

Cumbria Farmer's Markets

Cumbria Farmers Markets

Derbyshire Farmer's Markets

Derbyshire Farmers Markets

Devon Farmer's Markets

Devon Farmers Markets

Dorset Farmer's Markets

Dorset Farmers Markets

Durham Farmer's Markets

Durham Farmers Markets

East and West Midlands Farmer's Markets

East and West Midlands Farmers Markets

Essex Farmer's Markets

Essex Farmers Markets

Gloucestershire Farmer's Markets

Gloucestershire Farmers Markets

Hampshire Farmer's Markets

Hampshire Farmers Markets

Herefordshire Farmer's Markets

Herefordshire Farmers Markets

Hertfordshire Farmer's Markets

Hertfordshire Farmers Markets

Kent Farmer's Markets

Kent Farmers Markets

Lancashire Farmer's Markets

Lancashire Farmers Markets

Leicestershire Farmer's Markets

Leicestershire Farmers Markets

Lincolnshire Farmer's Markets

Lincolnshire Farmers Markets

London Farmer's Markets

London Farmers Markets

Norfolk Farmer's Markets

Norfolk Farmers Markets

Northamptonshire Farmer's Markets

Northamptonshire Farmers Markets

Nottinghamshire Farmer's Markets

Nottinghamshire Farmers Markets

Oxfordshire Farmer's Markets

Oxfordshire Farmers Markets

Shropshire Farmer's Markets

Shropshire Farmers Markets

Somerset Farmer's Markets

Somerset Avon Farmers Markets

Staffordshire Farmer's Markets

Staffordshire Farmers Markets

Suffolk Farmers' Market

Suffolk Farmers Markets

Surrey Farmers' Market

Surrey Farmers Markets

Sussex Farmers' Market

Sussex Farmers Markets

Wiltshire Farmers' Market

Wiltshire Farmers Markets

Worcestershire Farmers' Market

Worcestershire Farmers Markets

Yorkshire Farmers' Markets

Yorkshire Farmers Markets



Northern Ireland Farmer's Markets

Isle of Man Farmer's Markets

Welsh Farmer's Markets


Northern Ireland Farmer's Markets

Northern Ireland Farmers Markets

Isle of Man Farmer's Markets

IOM Farmers Markets

Welsh Farmer's Markets

Mid Wales Farmers Markets


Scottish Farmer's Markets

Aberdeen Farmer's Markets

Aberdeenshire Farmers Markets

Angus Farmer's Markets

Angus Farmers Markets

Argyll Farmer's Markets

Argyll and Bute Farmers Markets

Ayrshire Farmer's Markets

Ayrshire Farmers Markets

Dunbartonshire Farmer's Markets

Dunbartonshire Farmers Markets

Lothian Farmer's Markets

East Mid West Lothian Farmers Markets

Fife Farmer's Markets

Fife Farmers Markets

Glasgow Farmer's Markets

Glasgow and Lanarkshire Farmers Markets

Highlands Farmer's Markets

Highlands Farmers Markets

Perthshire Farmer's Markets

Perth kinross Farmers Markets

Renfrewshire Farmer's Markets

Renfrewshire Farmers Markets


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