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In Season in Spring:  Wild Garlic


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Wild garlic is in season in the UK from March to May. Also called Ramsons, buckrams, wood garlic or bear's garlic, it is a wild relative of chives.

Wild garlic can be found in woodlands and hedgerows and is easily identified by its distinctive garlicky smell although care should be taken when gathering it in the wild as there are a couple of similar looking plants around at the same time Ė namely lily of the valley and autumn crocus. If you crush the leaves between your fingers and you donít get a distinct garlicky smell, then itís not wild garlic.

It is also possible to grow your own wild garlic if you donít have access to a local wood.

Storing Fresh Wild Garlic


Store in the fridge for 2-3 days. Treat as you would fresh spinach. Can also be frozen and dried.


Preparing and Cooking Wild Garlic


Which part of Wild Garlic is edible?


Whilst the flowers and roots are edible, the most common part used are the leaves which can be used raw in salads, as a seasoning replacing ordinary garlic, as a vegetable like spinach, or as an ingredient for recipes such as pesto. Its initial chive-like taste gives way to a garlicky aftertaste, although itís much less pungent, especially after it has been cooked.

Editor's Choice:  Top 3 Spring Season Wild Garlic Recipes



Wild Garlic, Watercress and Leek Soup

An easy to make soup using two spring season ingredients: watercress and wild garlic. The wild garlic leaves are added right at the end to maximise their flavour.


Wild Garlic Butter

Made in less than 10 minutes, use as you would normal garlic butter. Excellent for garlic bread or simply melted over grilled meats or steamed veggies.


Wild Garlic Pesto Veg CD ACC 10mins

Quickly made in a food processor, the less pungent garlic flavour of these leaves enables this pesto to be substituted for ordinary basil pesto in recipes.



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