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St. Andrew's Day


Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland, and St. Andrew's Day is celebrated by Scots around the world on the 30th November. He is thought to have been the younger brother of  Simon Peter i.e. Saint Peter and both men became apostles of Jesus Christ. 

Although not much more is known about St. Andrew, it is thought that he was crucified by the Romans on a saltire, a diagonal cross, the shape of which being the basis for the Cross of St. Andrew which appears on the Scottish Flag. 

As legend would have it, a Greek Monk called St. Rule had a dream telling of the  removal of St. Andrew's remains to Constantinople by Constantine The Great,  and was instructed by an angel to find them and take as much of them as he could to the "ends of the earth" for safe-keeping.

St. Rule took various body parts from St. Andrew's tomb and followed the  instructions he had been given in his dream. However, on his journey he was shipwrecked off the east coast of Scotland. The relics were housed for a while in the Cathedral of St. Andrews in 1160, however they are now lost, probably destroyed during the Scottish Reformation.

Celebrate St. Andrew's day with one of our mouth-watering traditional Scottish recipes below. Also see the main Scotland Cooking by Country page for more recipes.

Enjoy St. Andrew's Day and Happy cooking !



Scotch Broth        HT    SP    180mins

Scottish Cullen Skink    HT    SP      90mins


Main Courses

Scottish Herring in Oatmeal     HT    MC     20mins

Beef in Whisky Sauce    HT   MC    20mins

Scotch Eggs     CD     PIC     30mins plus

Finnan Haddie     HT     MC      35mins

Stovies          HT    MC    45mins

Dunlop and Spinach Strudel     Veg  HT  CD  MC  Scottish  55mins

Highland Sausage Plait     HT  MC  Scotland  75mins plus soaking

Haggis         HT     MC      230mins plus soaking


Desserts and sweets

Scottish Clootie Dumpling       HT    DP      190mins

Dundee Cake        Veg    CD      95mins

Angus Toffee       CD    Confectionery        20mins plus setting

Scottish Tablet        CD    Confectionery    30mins plus setting

Macaroon Balls     Veg CD Confectionary Scottish 45mins plus setting



Rob Roy         Veg     CCD    PFC    2mins

Mary Queen of Scots      Veg    CD    4mins

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