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Gluten and Wheat Containing Product/Ingredient list


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The following list contains a few commercially prepared products which may contain gluten or wheat,  plus some common ingredients which should be avoided. The main purpose is to highlight some lesser-known products/ingredients which contain gluten or wheat for  the less initiated, in particular people who do not suffer from allergies themselves, but may have to cook for others who do.


It is not a definitive list of all foods which contain gluten/wheat.


Many of the products below can be made at home and you will find substitutes for some on the Gluten Free recipe page. These will have an asterisk (*) beside them. Also,  check the UK Online Food Shopping  directory  for retailers who sell Gluten and wheat free  products.


Baking Powder  *
Barley Malt
Boullion / Gravy Cubes * (fresh stock recipes)
Bread Flour
Brown Flour
Buckwheat Flour  Check - often a blend of buckwheat and wheat
Bulgar and Bulgar Wheat
Caramel Colouring 
Cheese, Imitation and Synthetic
Chewing Gum
Citric Acid - may be derived  wheat
Cocoa Mixes
Crisps, flavoured
Curry Powder
Durum Wheat
Granary Flour
Ground Spices 
Horseradish Sauce
Ice Cream *
Instant Coffee
Instant Tea
Malt or Malt Flavouring
Malt Vinegar Other vinegars are ok
Malted Milk
Matzo Semolina
Milk, No-Fat & No-Cholesterol 
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Mustard ready made and powder  *
Noodles made from wheat flour 
Non-dairy Creamers
Pasta *
Pasteurized Cheese Spreads 
Pearly Barley
Pickles *
Rice, Flavoured Packet
Rice Syrup
Sauces* - commercially prepared
Soups*, packet, creamed
Soy Sauce *
Stock Cubes *(fresh stock recipes)
Strong Flour
Suet in packets
Teriyaki Sauce
Unbleached Flour
Vanilla Essence*
Veined Cheeses - Some veined cheeses like Roquefort, may use a 
cultured blue mold that could be of bread origin
Whole-meal Flour
Wholewheat Flour
Worcestershire Sauce

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