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2008  Six-Nations Rugby Recipes



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A note from the Editor
Below are some recipes I've personally selected which represent the best of traditional cuisine from the six countries taking part in this tournament - England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy - so you can prepare authentic dishes to enjoy whilst you're watching the matches.

There's even a complete menu consisting of a recipe from all six countries !

Happy Cooking, Eating, Rugby watching !


Six Nations Rugby Tournament History


It can be argued that the Six Nations rugby union championship has its roots back to the late 1800's,  when the teams of England, Scotland Ireland and Wales played a similar tournament then called "Home Nations". The addition of France to the tournament changed it to "Five Nations" although they were ejected from the tournament in 1931, only to be readmitted later. Below is a timeline of the ancestor competitions which eventually led to the current  Six Nations Championship


Home Nations 1883–1909 - England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales
Five Nations 1910–1931 - France joins the competition
Home Nations 1932–1939  - France ejected
Five Nations 1940–1999  - France re-admitted
Six Nations 2000–present  - Italy joins the competition


England won the first competition in 2000  with the following winners in subsequent years:-
2001  England

2002 France
2003 England
2004 France
2005 Wales 
2006 France
2007 France

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Main Course


Stilton Pears  

Lancashire Hotpot

Treacle Tart




Main Course


Onion Soup with Wine

Boeuf Bourguignon

Sultana and Apple Clafoutis




Main Course


Irish Potato Soup

Dublin Coddle

Irish Lemon Pudding




Main Course


Herby Tomato Bruschetta

Eliche alla Puttanesca

Panna Cotta




Main Course


Partan Bree

Dundee Marmalade Cutlets

Raspberry Cranachan




Main Course


Caerphilly and Tomato Salad

Baked Trout with Bacon

Welsh Amber Pudding


The whole kit and kaboodle in one hit !


Mozzarella and Parma Parcels   (Italian)

* * *

Beef Wellington   (English)

served with

Kailkenny   (Scottish)  and  Braised Peas with Lettuce   (French)

* * *

Monmouth Pudding   (Welsh)

* * *

Irish Coffee

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