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Shrove Tuesday


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Also known as  "Pancake Day", "Fat Tuesday" and "Mardi Gras,"  Shrove Tuesday  always falls on the Tuesday before  Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent in the Christian faith. Dates vary from year to year,  but it usually falls in February, sometimes early March. In 2012 it falls on 21st February.


It is the day of preparation for Lent, when the eating pancakes was made obvious by the need to up the eggs and fat, the eating of which were prohibited during the forty days of Lent. 


Pancake races

Holding Pancake races is a tradition in the UK which dates back at least to the 1400s and are practiced in villages and towns throughout the country. It is thought to have originated when a housewife heard the church bells ringing for service whilst in the process of making her pancakes, so she ran out of the house still carrying her frying pan and pancake.

Nowadays, contestants have to carry a frying pan, complete with pancake, and race to the finishing line tossing the pancake a number of times throughout the race.  The winner is the one who gets to the end first having constantly tossed their pancake.


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Because Shrove Tuesday is directly linked to Easter, the date varies from year to year.  Easter Day is usually the first Sunday after the full moon that falls on or just after Spring Equinox and can therefore occur on any date between 22nd March and April end.  It's all a little complicated, so below are the dates of Shrove Tuesday from 2008 to 2050.


2008 5 February
2009 24 February
2010 16 February
2011 8 March
2012 21 February
2013 12 February
2014 4 March
2015 17 February
2016 9 February
2017 28 February
2018 13 February
2019 5 March
2020 25 February
2021 16 February
2022 1 March
2023 21 February
2024 13 February
2025 4 March
2026 17 February
2027 9 February
2028 29 February
2029 13 February

2030 5 March
2031 25 February
2032 10 February
2033 1 March
2034 21 February
2035 6 February
2036 26 February
2037 17 February
2038 9 March
2039 22 February
2040 14 February
2041 5 March
2042 18 February
2043 10 February
2044 1 March
2045 21 February
2046 6 February
2047 26 February
2048 18 February
2049 2 March
2050 22 February

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Below are just some sweet and savoury pancake recipes on this site. Use the search form to find them all or visit the Pancake Recipes page.


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Basic Savoury Pancake mix   Veg HT MC 30mins

Bacon and Chive Pancakes      HT   MC   40min

Leek and Onion Pancakes     Veg  HT   MC   45 mins

Tuna and Prawn Pancakes      HT   MC   45mins

Chicken Pancakes      HT  MC   60mins



Pancakes Basic Sweet  Mix     Veg  HT  DP   30mins

Vegan Sultana Pancakes Hot    Veg DP 25mins

Chocolate Pancakes      Veg   HT   DP   45mins

Hazelnut Pancakes      Veg   HT   DP   45mins

Fruit Pancakes      Veg   HT  DP   60mins

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