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This website has been designed to provide a wealth of information for beginners and the expert cook alike, including recipes, cooking techniques and all manner of culinary information from growing to serving food.  There are many ways to find the information you are looking for 


On this page


  1. Quick Search Facility further down on this page enables you to search for recipes and other culinary information by using  keywords, ingredients or phrases plus optional abbreviations which are specific to this site to further narrow your search - click here to jump to the search form

Elsewhere on the site

  1. Main Recipe Index page -  enables you to find recipes according to course, ingredient and type as well as recipes on a theme such as seasonal, special diets, by ingredient, occasions & holiday recipes

  2. Red Navigation Buttons - at the top of all pages link to top level sections including culinary related information such as kitchenware, health, directories and resource pages such as weights & measures charts and growing vegetables

  3. Links at the bottom of all pages which lead to most sections of this site


Search Form


Type in your main ingredient (s) or  what you have available in your cupboard or fridge and allow us to whisk you up a recipe in seconds!


Add one or more of the abbreviations below to your search criteria to narrow down the results and find exactly what you are looking for e.g. 


+HT   +MC  +Bacon   +Cream  +Spaghetti  -Tomatoes 


will find you a hot, main course recipe, which uses bacon, cream and spaghetti but which doesn't use tomatoes e.g. Spaghetti Carbonara. Using the + and - signs before a word ensures that particular word must or must not appear in a recipe



Optional abbreviations which can be used in the search box

    HT    =   Hot 

CD     =     Cold  VEG   =  Vegetarian

    HD    =   Hors d'oeuvre  

SP    =   Soup

MC    =  Main Course

    ACC   = Accompaniment       

DP   =    Desserts and Pudding

CBF =   Cakes & Baked Fayre

    BBQ = Barbecues

PIC = picnics   

PFC    =   Party Food and Cocktails

  IND   =  Indian   CHI    =  Chinese       


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