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Savoury Sauces recipes

A huge collection of Savoury Sauce Recipes including traditional and popular sauces such as mint sauce, cheese sauce, béarnaise, Velouté, béchamel, mushroom, Espagnole, Chimichurri, Hollandaise, pesto, Puttanesca, bonne femme and Mayonnaise plus many other classic, pasta sauces and modern sauce recipes.


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Ravioli and other filled pasta Sauce Recipes      New!   February 2010

Dill Sauce    Veg  CD  ACC  Canadian  5mins    September  2006

Green Sauce for Fish    CD     5mins

Hot Fish Sauce    CD  ACC   Vietnamese 5mins    March 2003

Laverbread Sauce    Veg  HT  ACC  Welsh  5mins      February 2008

Oriental Dipping Sauce    Veg   CD   ACC   5mins   March 2003

Pineapple Sauce for Chicken and Turkey    CD     5mins

Sherry Chilli Dipping Sauce  Veg   CD   ACC   Japanese   5mins    

Sour Dipping Sauce     CD   ACC   Myanmar   5mins       September  2004

Teriyaki sauce  Veg CD ACC  5 mins plus cooling    New!   July  2010

Almond Sauce for Poultry    HT     8 mins

Bread Sauce for Poultry    HT     British     8mins

Almond Sauce for Fish    HT    CD     10mins

Anchovy Butter    CD   ACC   PFC   10mins     March 2002

Chimichurri with Chili     Veg   CD   ACC   Argentine   10mins     October 2003

Creamy Cheese Sauce for Vegetables    Veg    HT     10mins

Easy Peanut Sate Sauce   Veg  HT  ACC  Indonesian  10mins     July 2003

Gooseberry Sauce for Mackerel    HT     10mins

Indian Sauce for Fish    CD     Indian     10mins

Lemon Chimichurri     Veg   CD   ACC   Argentine   10mins   October 2003

Lemon Sauce for Fish    HT     10mins

Lemon Cream Sauce for Vegetables    Veg    HT     10mins

Lime Sauce for Duck    HT     10mins

Luttennitza    Veg  CD  ACC  Bulgarian  10mins     March 2004

Mustard Sauce        Veg  CD  ACC  Danish  10mins          May  2004

Olive Sauce for Pasta    Veg    HT     10mins

Peach BBQ Sauce   Veg   HT  ACC  10mins      August  2007

Pesto      Veg     CD     Italian       10mins

Piri Piri Hot Red Pepper Sauce    Veg  CD  ACC  Portuguese 10mins     October  2004

Polish Dill Sauce    Veg  HT  ACC  Polish  10mins    May 2005

Quick Lobster Sauce for Fish    HT     10mins






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Rocket Pesto    Veg  CD  ACC  Italian  10mins    May  2010

Roquefort Butter    Veg  CD  ACC  PFC  10mins    July  2008

Saffron Sauce for Vegetables    Veg  CD  10mins

Salsa Satanica  CD  ACC  Brazilian  10mins +cooling   July  2002

Strawberry Sauce for Salmon HT CD ACC English 10mins          

Sweet and Sour Sauce  HT  Chinese  10mins        

Tarragon and Parsley Butter   Veg  CD  10mins

Wild Garlic Butter     Veg  CD  ACC  10mins     April 2011

Wild Garlic Pesto  Veg  CD  ACC  10mins    April 2011

Yellow Bean Sauce    Veg  CD  AC  Vietnam 10mins + cooling   March 2003

Anchovy Sauce for Fish    HT   15mins

Aurore Sauce for Fish     HT   15mins plus infusion

Avgolemono Sauce     Veg  HT ACC Greek 15mins    August  2002

Basic Vol au Vent Savoury Sauce Filling    Veg  HT  ACC  15mins    November  2009

Bearnaise Sauce   Veg   HT  15mins    

Béchamel (rich white) Sauce   HT     15mins plus infusion

Black Butter Sauce for Fish    HT     15mins

Blueberry Sauce    Veg   HT  CD  15mins    August  2005

Blue Cheese and Sherry Sauce for Meat    HT     15mins

Caper Sauce  HT     ACC    British    15mins          

Cep Sauce for Vegetables   Veg  HT     15mins plus soaking

Cheese Sauce    Veg    HT     15mins

Cherry Sauce for Poultry and Game    HT     15mins

Cream Sauce for Meatballs    HT  ACC  15mins     May  2009

Cranberry Sauce    HT    CD     15mins

Curry Cream Sauce for Pork    HT     15mins

Egg Sauce for Fish    HT     15mins

Flambé Sauce for Meat    HT     15mins

Hazelnut Sauce for Vegetables    Veg    HT     15mins

Herb Sabayon for Vegetables    Veg    HT     15mins

Hollandaise Sauce    Veg    HT     15mins

Homemade Mayonnaise   Veg  CD  ACC  15mins      New!   March  2010

Mustard Sauce for Meat and Poultry    HT     15mins

Onion Sauce    Veg    HT     15mins

Orange Sauce for Pork    HT     15mins

Parsley Sauce    Veg    HT   British     15mins    

Pink Pepper Sauce for Meat    HT     15mins

Puttanesca Sauce    HT   MC  ACC    Italian 15mins     March 2002

Rosemary Sauce for Meats    HT     15mins

Supreme Sauce for Poultry    HT     15mins

Tarragon Sauce for Chicken    HT     15mins

Tomato Sauce for Lamb    HT     15mins

White Sauce  - Savoury    Veg    HT     15mins


Anchovy Sauce for Beef    HT     20mins

Apple & Horseradish Sauce for Pork or Veal    CD     20mins

Bercy Sauce for fish or chicken  HT     20mins

Cardamom Sauce    Veg  CD  ACC  Danish  20mins plus cooling     May  2004

Chili Cumin Sauce for Meatballs     HT  ACC  20mins      May  2009

Crayfish Sauce for Pasta    HT     20mins

Curried Coconut Sauce   HT   ACC   20mins   July  2002

Gooseberry Compote  Veg   HT     British       20mins           

Herb Sauce for Vegetables    Veg    HT     20mins

Mushroom Garlic Sauce for Pasta  Veg  HT     20mins

Mushroom Wine Sauce for Meatballs    HT  ACC  20mins        May  2009

Red Chilli Sauce for Poultry and Meats    HT     20mins

Savoury Vanilla Butter Sauce    HT ACC 20mins     October  2002

Sherry Sauce for Meatballs    HT  ACC  20mins    New!   May  2009

Sour Prune Sauce    Veg  HT  ACC  Russian  20mins plus soaking    December   2004

Sweet and Sour Sauce for Meatballs    HT  ACC  20mins      May  2009

Toasted Walnut Pesto  Veg  CD   ACC   20min

Train Smash         HT    ACC   South African   20mins    September 2003

Vegetable Sauce for Fish    HT     20mins

Velouté Sauce    HT  ACC  20mins     New!   March  2010

Apple sauce for Pork or Goose    HT    CD     25mins

Basil Tomato Sauce for Meatballs    HT  ACC  25mins        May  2009

Beer Sauce for Fish    HT     25mins

Enchilada Sauce     Veg   HT   ACC   Mexican 25mins    December 2002

Maple and Apple Sauce for Pork    HT     25mins

Prune Sauce for Turkey    HT     25mins

Tomato Sauce    Veg  HT  ACC  25mins

Vegan Tomato Sauce    HT  ACC  25mins    February  2007

Basil and Tomato Sauce   Veg   HT    ACC    30mins        

Coulis Oriental for Mussels    HT     30mins

Classic Mint Sauce     Veg   CD  ACC  English  30mins     October  2005

Onion Gravy    HT     ACC     British     30mins 

Ultimate Onion Gravy    HT  ACC  English  30mins        November  2007

Traditional Sate Sauce     Veg  HT  CD  ACC  Indonesian  30mins      July 2003

Easy Pizza Tomato Sauce   Veg   HT    ACC     Italian     35mins     

Sauce Bonne Femme for Poultry    HT     40mins

Sweet Potato Sauce for Pasta    Veg  HT  ACC  40mins    February  2006

Tomato Coulis       Veg     HT         40mins

Bourbon BBQ Sauce     HT   CD   ACC   45mins     May 2003

Espagnole Sauce    HT  ACC  45mins       New!   March  2010

Rhubarb Steak Sauce    HT  CD  ACC  70mins   April  2002

Giblet Gravy

Key techniques required to make sauces

Depending on the sauce, main techniques required may include:-

Beat – To introduce air into a mixture using a utensil such as a wooden spoon, fork or whisk, in order to thoroughly mix and achieve a lighter texture.
Blend - To mix together ingredients, usually of different consistencies, to a smooth and even texture, utilising a utensil such as a wooden spoon or blender.

Coats a spoon – when a substance is rendered thin/thick enough so that when a wooden or metal spoon is inserted into it and taken out, the substance leaves a thin film “coating the spoon”.

Main equipment required to make sauces


Small Saucepans

Wooden Spoons



Serving Suggestions


Many sauces are served as a side accompaniment for pouring  however some sauces can be mixed or cooked with main  ingredients creating a single dish.


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