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Book Review: Special Cupcakes

By Wendy Sweetser
ISBN 9781847738554 | 144 Pages

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This book contains over 50 cupcake recipes suitable for many occasions and for kids and adults alike.  Better still, the recipes aren't the usual suspects you may find in other cookbooks.


There's a brief introduction about equipment needed and basic cupcake making instructions which is nothing much to write about, but then come the recipes which are broken down into 10 chapters, namely  Party Time, Seasonal celebrations, Romance, Cakes for Kids, Fruits and Flowers, A taste of the exotic, Spoil yourself, Size matters, Not so guilty and Free from...

The above chapters are a little misleading inasmuch as there are recipes in each category which would easily slot into other categories, so my advice is to just read through the whole book initially. It will make your mouth water!

What I particularly liked was the range of flavours and ingredients used: strawberry cupcakes are nice but how about Strawberry Daiquiri cupcakes. Other "adult" recipes include Piña Colada, Dark Chocolate & Chilli and Pistachio, Rosewater & Grenadine. There are loads suitable for kids especially when it comes to the decorations - lots of ideas to create fun-looking cupcakes.  There are also a few which use more unusual ingredients such as Beetroot and Bitter Chocolate or Plum Polenta & Walnut.

The recipes are complete with frosting/icing and decorating instructions, a full colour picture and an extra little tip. All in all, a nice book to add to any collection.

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