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Review: Silicone Cupcake moulds


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I have several cupcake/ muffin tins - old and new;  6 -hole and 12-hole; large and small holed. So why would I bother buying individual silicone cupcake moulds?  Well, to cut a long story short, I recently bought a new microwave/combination/convection (fan assisted) oven. As my normal oven is a bit hit and miss temperature wise (I always use a separate thermometer when baking cakes),  I thought it would be great to bake cakes in the new one.  The problem is most of my cupcake tins wouldn't fit as the new oven has a turntable. 


My good excuse to try out this new-fangled silicone stuff.


Whilst browsing on Amazon, I came across heart shaped ones too so, as Valentines day was approaching I decided to get normal round ones and the heart shaped ones.


I must admit I didn't really read the blurb or any reviews, and when they arrived, I was a bit disappointed as the heart shaped ones seemed a little on the small side. Still, they are meant to be "fairy" cakes and as there were 12 individual moulds for each I just reckoned on eating twice as many if necessary.


Although I had read somewhere that silicone bakeware should be oiled before the first use, as there weren't any instructions included with these, I didn't bother. I simply made up a normal cupcake mixture and 2/3rds filled most of the moulds. I only half filled a couple (pictured below) because I wanted to further experiment when it came to icing the tops as I wanted to see if they would unmould cleanly if iced whilst still in the mould.




The cakes cooked well and evenly

I started unmoulding them as soon as I could handle them which was around 2 minutes, and they came out easily whilst still warm

I did leave a couple to get completely cold and although they turned out ok, I would recommend unmoulding cupcakes whilst they are still warm

I was happy with the shape of half-filled heart moulds but the 2/3rd filled hearts seemed to lose their shape towards the top

The cake I iced while it was still in the mould with glace icing unmoulded ok however the icing did run down the sides a little so it wasn't as cleanly an iced top as I had hoped for

The moulds washed up ok - made easier that they completely turn inside out - but still much more fiddly than a rigid tin.



Round  moulds - The overall performance of the normal round cases is fine and I'm glad I bought them to use in my new oven, especially as I have found just using paper cases sometimes results in cakes which spread in a non-uniform way.

Heart moulds - If you want really pronounced heart shapes then perhaps these silicone ones are not the best to use,  however if you're not fussed about the shape of your baked goods then they'll be perfectly adequate.

General - They are ok, although bear in mind you will have to unmould cakes intended for anything other than eating at home to ensure your silicone moulds don't get lost . . . or stolen !


By Florence Sandeman,  Editor/Publisher

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