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Review: Pyroflam Oven/heat proof Casserole Dishes


I decided I needed small and medium sized flame proof casseroles as many of my old ovenware dishes aren't flameproof. So after a good look around, I came across this set of three round casseroles 1L - 2L - 3L all with lids. They may not be as rustic looking as Le Creuset or as beautiful as copper ovenware, but they come at a reasonable price - around 40 for the set - and they can also be bought individually.

The sales blurb says "Products from this range are made out of vitroceramic, a heat resistant material so strong, that it was originally developed in partnership with the American space agency, to be used as elements on the outside of space shuttles". I can well believe that.

These PYROFLAM casseroles are made by good old Pyrex. They are suitable for all types of cooking - frying, boiling, baking etc., and can be used in conventional and microwave ovens, under the grill and on most hobs, the exception being induction hobs. They can can withstand very high temperatures making them perfect for browning vegetables and meats prior to the addition of liquid after which they can be left on the hob or transferred to the oven for as long as necessary to finish the dish.

Once cold, they can be placed in the fridge or freezer and can be taken straight from the fridge/freezer and put on the cooker top or into a hot oven.

Although the lids aren't quite as robust, for example they should be allowed to cool before washing, they do have the advantage of having a proper handle which makes for easy one handed removal.

When it comes to washing up, even stuff that seems to be really baked on, can be removed with the minimum of scrubbing, leaving the dish looking as though it hasn't been used.

Although they aren't as ornate or as stylish as some casserole dishes, the plain white looks quite nice and goes with all table settings/linen.



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First reviewed by Florence Sandeman,  Editor/Publisher

June 2013


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