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Review: Flexible Plastic Piping Tubes


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Whilst I have several piping bags and nozzles of varying sizes, I have always found it easier to use a piping tube - a rigid plastic gadget with a plunger - which can be used one-handed. However the one I had was getting really worn (must have been well over 20 years old) and it finally got cracked when we moved.  So when I came across this unusual piping set, I decided I just had to give it a try.


The set consists of 5 flexible plastic bottles  - 2 large and 3 small - which is really useful when you are working with  more than one colour icing,  5 interchangeable nozzles,  round for writing and flood filling, leaf, star, basket weave or ribbon,  allowing you to create many effects, a small pliable spatula which can be used for spreading icing and to facilitate the filling of the bottles, plus an instruction book.


The short concertina-like bottles actually squeeze up and can be used one-handed making piping short bursts easy, which is especially useful when creating stars and for more intricate work and makes writing or turning cakes whilst icing  a piece of cake.


The larger flexible bottles are also great for decorating plates and for drizzling. All the bottles stand upright and the concertina ones are particularly useful for people with dexterity problems.

There are some downsides. It takes a little more patience to fill and wash the bottles than with a conventional piping bag. Also the concertina bottles aren't that big, so if you have more than a few cupcakes to decorate, you will have to refill them. Also, if the icing mixture is too stiff, for instance if it is straight out of the fridge, it can be difficult to pipe it out using just one hand. However,  these were minor points which didn't bother me too much.


Conclusion: Whilst this product can't totally replace piping bags, especially when it comes to piping larger items such as meringues,  they are very handy for icing cupcakes,  biscuits and for writing or intricate piping. 


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