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Book Review: Marshmallow Madness
By Shauna Sever


RRP  11.99 | ISBN
978-1594745720  | Hardback 96 Pages


Although I realise it's totally superficial, I am compelled to comment about the way this book looks . . . . and feels. Not only is the cover picture colourful and informative, showing lots of different marshmallows, but it's soft and padded, mimicking the airiness of marshmallows. A nice touch.


The by-line of this title is "dozens of puffalicious recipes" and it's not a word of a lie. If you thought marshmallows only came in two formats - pink and white - then this book is here to take you out of the mallow wilderness into a whole new and bright world.


After the introduction which gives a detailed explanation about the ingredients used and covers main equipment needed, the recipes are divided between several chapters. The first covers classic recipes, vanilla and chocolate based, including filled varieties. Next comes fresh and fruity where the recipes incorporate fruit in all its forms - purees, juices and concentrates including a page on different ways to present marshmallows such as lollipops and twisted ropes.


There are also chapters entitled Happy Hour - you guessed it, all recipes are based on alcoholic drinks, then my favourite chapter, at least to read, is the Connoisseur one which showcases more unusual flavours and ingredients such as maple-bacon, sea salt caramel swirl and mango chili lime, then Kids in a candy store which is based on a mad scientist theme using novelty flavours.


The last main chapter features recipes which use marshmallow as an ingredient  such as whoopie pies, cupcakes and roulade with the final pages about drinks in which to dunk your marshmallows.

Whilst this book may seem very specialised, if you or anyone you know either loves marshmallows, have children or a reasonable cookbook collection, this is a nice book to own. Don't forget an unusual marshmallow would also make a great gift . . . . or just to treat yourself.

UK readers - please note this book is American so measurements are in cups but this is easily over-come using the Recipes4us cup to weight conversion chart

By Florence Sandeman,  Editor/Publisher

(June 2011)



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