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Review: Mandoline

by Florence Sandeman (editor)



For many years I owned what I passed off as a mandoline. In truth it was a glorified grater and did the same job except the slicing blade was much sharper. Anyway, I managed to break it, so as it was essential to get another one, I decided to get one which was a little more sophisticated without spending a fortune - I have seen them priced over 100.


This one caught my eye as not only is it quite cheap, but it has thick medium and thin slicing blades,  a julienne blade a thick matchsticks blade which I call the French fries blade as it's perfect for making very thin chips. All the blades, the guard and the mandoline are contained in a handy clear plastic box which makes keeping everything in one place easy. The main body folds open so it can be stood on a work surface or even in the box so the sliced food falls free of the blades and doesn't get in the way.


The interchangeable blades are very easy to fit and make light work of slicing vegetables, especially potatoes.  It doesn't have a grater blade but I forgive that omission.


The matchsticks can be further chopped down into small dice with a knife and the julienne into Brunoise.

(See Vegetables - Basic Preparation Instructions and Cooking Times for photos and descriptions of these and many more vegetable cuts.)

WARNING: I couldn't believe how sharp the blades were - it quite caught me by surprise.  They are almost lethal and the guard which accompanies the mandoline is an absolute must. This is not a gadget for children or anyone who has coordination problems or who is even  just a bit clumsy or cack handed. 


Although I have a pukka food processor with  slicer/grater blades, unless I have to cater for hundreds, I doubt that I will ever use that function again. I love my mandoline.






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