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Review: Stainless Steel Dough Cutters/rings


As I've mentioned before, in the 18 months or so I seem to have bought quite a lot of new equipment for my kitchen including a couple of sets of cutters.  Unfortunately in this case, I cannot for the life of me remember why I bought these cutters. I do recall the oval ones were purchased on a whim as I happened across them whilst looking for the round ones, but that's about as much as my memory will allow. What I DO know, is that I use them more often than even I thought  I would, especially considering they are plain cutters,  and I am equally as pleased with the impulse part of the purchase .


Both sets are made of stainless steel and come in their own tins. There are nine round cutters which range from 4cm/1" to 12cm/5" in diameter and seven oval cutters ranging from 14cm/5" long and 2.5cm/1" to 7.5cm/3" wide.

Although they are described as "dough cutters" I have used mine to shape all sorts of things including scones, fondant potatoes,  biscuits and bread for crostini. 

A quick word about the crostini - for some reason ordinary medium sliced white bread when cut with these cutters and toasted remain really crisp and light. I've made them several times to accompany drinks, topped with various ingredients - one of our favs is Roquefort mixed with cream cheese, walnuts and pear spread over the toasted crostini then grilled until bubbling.  GORGEOUS. I used a medium sized one which is suitable for serving with drinks, but the larger cutters would be suitable for an hors d'oeuvre crostini.

Whilst I haven't tried it myself yet, they can double up as serving rings although they aren't that deep (about 4cm/1 ") and so long as you don't mind the plain edge, they can also be used to cut pastry for individual tarts.

I'm sure there are other uses they can be put to which I haven't thought of yet, but in any event I am glad I bought both sets.

By Florence Sandeman,  Editor/Publisher March 2012



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