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Nutrition and Recipes for Students

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This is  part VIII of a series of articles offering advice to students on subjects such as cooking on a budget,  shopping for food, store-cupboard staples,  cooking tips,  kitchen equipment,  basic kitchen and food hygiene plus lots of easy, nutritious and delicious recipes which won’t break the bank.

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This collection of 60 recipes has been put together especially for students. Most are economical, quick, easy to make and nutritious, however we've also included some "treats" for when you've done well with your budget and have a little extra to spend. To make it even easier, you can also choose the serving amount on many of the recipes - from cooking for 1 to feeding the house (8) - and the recipes are listed in clearly defined sections in order of preparation/cooking time.  You can even email your favourite recipes to friends directly from the app.

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General Nutrition


The key to a healthy body is a well balanced diet and, of course, the right amount of exercise.  There is currently a lot of hype regarding lowering your fat, sugar and salt consumption however, if you are on a budget, it is very likely that you won't be buying many processed foods as these are often more expensive, and that you'll be cooking fresh ingredients from scratch.


The body NEEDS a certain amount of fat, sugar, salt, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and proteins to enable it to function properly. Below is a diagram which illustrates the various components which make for a healthy diet and the recommended daily portions.

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For a more detailed breakdown of daily nutritional requirements and serving sizes visit  Food Pyramid Daily Portions .  You may also be interested in the following page for access to more health related food articles Food and Health including special diets for those with allergies or other dietary requirements such as vegans.

Recipes for Students

Here are some recipes we've put together especially for students. Most have been adapted to "serve one"  and are economical and simple to make. However we've also included others for when you've done well with your budget and have a little extra to spend,  plus a few more advanced recipes to expand your cooking skills.

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