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20th March Ravioli Day


Information about ravioli including how to make fresh ravioli, flavoured  ravioli dough recipes, ravioli filling recipes and ravioli sauce recipes



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See also:   History of Ravioli


What is Ravioli?


Ravioli is a type of Italian pasta which consists of a filling sealed between two thin layers of pasta dough. They are traditionally either square,  round or half moon in shape and can vary in size from 2.5cm/1-inch to 10cm/4-inches wide. 


The fillings can be any mixture of  meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, herbs and other seasonings or cheese and there are even sweet versions and once the little parcels are cooked, they tend to resemble little pillows.  


It is customary to serve some kind of sauce with the cooked ravioli. This can range from simple melted butter often flavoured with fresh herbs to a  sauce often vegetable or cream based, depending on the filling used.  There is also a long tradition of cooking and serving the ravioli in a clear broth - Al Brodo.


NB  The word "ravioli" not only refers to the type of pasta but also to the finished recipe though this is usually extended e.g. "mushroom ravioli".  Whilst Ravioli is a plural word i.e. referring to more than one,  the singular word 'raviolo' isnít used that often as it is very rare to only serve one due to the size.


Equipment needed to make Ravioli


At its most basic, the only equipment you will need is a mixing bowl, rolling pin and knife or biscuit cutter. However there is additional equipment available which can make forming the parcels easier.


For detailed information see  Equipment  needed to make ravioli


How to make Fresh Ravioli


Although ready made ravioli can be easily obtained in fresh, frozen and even tinned forms, it is likely that the choice will be limited. With homemade ravioli, your choices are endless and only bound by the confines of your own imagination.


Not only is the choice of filling and sauce unlimited, but the pasta dough can also be enhanced with the addition of extra ingredients. So, between the three elements, it is possible to create your own unique ravioli recipe to suit your own tastes.


There are three basic steps to making Ravioli

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1.  Make the Dough   2.  Make the Filling   3.  Assemble & cook the Ravioli


In addition, in most cases a sauce will also be made to serve with the ravioli.  For detailed instructions on making ravioli see  How to make Ravioli


Flavoured Ravioli Dough Recipes


As mentioned above, the dough can be made extra special by the addition of added ingredients which not only adds flavour but also colour.   There are many ingredients you can add to the basic dough recipe to give it extra flavour or colour.  For lots of ravioli dough ideas and recipes see Ravioli Dough Recipes .


Making the Filling for Ravioli


The ingredients which can be used for ravioli fillings are endless including vegetables, fish, seafood, poultry, meat and cheese.  However, whichever you choose, there are three rules you should adhere to to ensure the finished ravioli is perfect. For more details on which ingredients to use and how to make ravioli fillings see How to make Ravioli .


Ravioli Filling Recipes

For lots of ravioli stuffing recipes see Ravioli Filling recipes


Assembling and Cooking Ravioli


Once the filling is ready, the dough needs to be rolled out very thinly either using a rolling pin or a pasta machine, then filled and cooked in water or stock. For detailed instructions on the methods used to fill, cut and cook ravioli see  How to make Ravioli

Ravioli Sauces 

Sauces can be as simple or complicated, light or filling as you wish and the choice of sauce will greatly depend on the filling used.  See Ravioli Sauce recipes for lots of sauces for meat, poultry, vegetables and cheese filled pasta.


Freezing Fresh Ravioli - see  How to make Ravioli



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