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Printing Recipes


As our recipes are not on a database, it is almost impossible to have a standard "print recipe" option.  However, in an effort to save your colour ink, below are some instructions on how to print just the text on any page. This method also works on other pages on this site as well as on most websites on the Internet.


1. Once you are on the page you want to print, place your mouse cursor just to the left of the recipe title at the top then left click your mouse, and whilst  still holding the button down and move the mouse down  to the end of the recipe. This is called 'dragging'. It will highlight all the text  as you this although the highlight colour may differ on different PCs. You can choose as much or as little text to highlight and you can start and end from anywhere on the page.


2. Once all the text you want to print has been highlighted, release the mouse button. The text should still be highlighted in after you've release the button. 


3. Now go to the top of your browser and left click 'file'. A grey box will drop down containing a list of options.  Click on 'print'.


4. A separate print box should come up and it's in this box where you should be given the option to print  'all',  'pages' or 'Selection'. Choose 'selection' then 'ok' or 'print'


As the text on this site is in colour, you may wish to check the 'print in black and white'  option  to save your colour ink. This option should be found  by clicking  the 'preferences'  or 'properties' button  in the print box BEFORE you click 'print' or 'ok'.

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