Tuesday 3rd December 2008



HOME launches online culinary video collection

Lights, Camera, Action could be the words ringing in the ears of Florence Sandeman, Publisher of,  with the launch of their first culinary related videos online.

Although they’ve started small with the production of just nine short videos, their plans are big for 2009, when they hope to produce a wide range of instructional videos relating to the growing, preparation, cooking and serving of food.

When asked what will set them apart from the myriad of food related videos already on the net, Florence commented:

“The problem with lots of cooking videos on entities such as YouTube is their quality, both visual and audio, and the problem with videos produced by professional chefs is that their expertise in preparing and cooking food often leaves the home cook bedazzled. So the main difference will be that all Recipes4us videos will be made and presented by an amateur working in normal surroundings, but to a reasonable standard of production.”

Florence went on to say:

“Of course, we can’t compete with the big boys when it comes to flashy camerawork, equipment or kitchens - that really isn’t our aim. We just want to present clear but honest instructional videos that anyone can follow without being made to feel inadequate and which will offer our visitors an extra resource in addition to the invaluable in depth culinary related information and thousands of recipes already on the website.”

The videos are free to view online, without the need to download anything, although there is a free download option for those who want to view them offline.  So, with the promise of some genuine cooking and culinary related videos to come in 2009, let’s hope all those people who currently just watch TV food programs as entertainment will be encouraged to actually do some cooking and entertaining at home.

Note to Editors was launched in 2000 and is one of the UK’s largest privately owned independent food websites, covering all aspects of food, from growing to cooking plus culinary related information.

For further information please contact Florence Sandeman.

Contact: Florence Sandeman