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Poultry and Game Main Course Recipes

A Huge collection of Poultry, Game & Chicken Recipes

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Due to the huge amount of poultry and game recipes on this site, we have now split this section into separate pages so you can find what you're looking for more easily. Use the links below to go straight to the recipes of your choice.

Alligator/Crocodile Main Course Recipes


Buffalo Main Course Recipes


Chicken Main Course Recipes


Duck/Goose Main Course recipes


Game Bird Main Course Recipes


Hare/Rabbit Main Course Recipes


Kangaroo Main Course Recipes


Ostrich & Emu Main Course Recipes


Turkey Main Course Recipes


Venison, Caribou, Elk, Reindeer Moose Main Course Recipes


Wild Boar Main Course Recipes


General Poultry & Game Preparation & Cooking Times




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Key techniques

Chop to – To cut into pieces of approximately the same size.
Brown  to  -  To fry in very shallow  fat  over a high heat in order to colour the food and seal in the juices.

Sauté  - The cooking of food in a small amount of fat, preferably in a single layer, until it browns and softens. It is important not to overfill the pan.


Tips, Options and Substitutions


Main equipment

Chopping Knife

Chopping Board


Wooden or Plastic Spoon


Freezing/Make ahead

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