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Khanom Jeen Nam Ngeow   HT  MC  Thai  55mins


Serves 4     Hot   Poultry  Fish  Pork  Pasta   Main Course  Thailand  Asia  Asian



450g/1lb pork Spare Ribs, chopped into bite-size pieces 

1.1L/40fl.oz. Water 

6 dried Chillies 

2 tbsp finely chopped Shallots

4 Garlic Cloves, chopped 

1 tbsp Shrimp Paste 

1 tbsp chopped Galangal

1 tbsp Chopped  Lemon Grass

1 tbsp Oil

200g/7oz Minced Pork 

4 Tomatoes, roughly chopped 


400g/14oz  Chinese Spaghetti 





1.  Place the spare ribs and water in a large saucepan, bring to simmering point then simmer over a low heat for  45 minutes.


2. Meanwhile, in a mortar, pound together the chilies, shallots, garlic, shrimp paste, galangal and lemongrass  until well blended. Set aside. 


3.  Heat the oil in a frying pan then add the pounded chilli mixture and minced pork and stir fry for 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Set aside.


4. At the end of the spare ribs cooking time, add the fried mince pork, tomatoes, spaghetti and salt to the pan, mix well and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring from time to time. Serve hot.


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Key techniques

Chop to – To cut into pieces of approximately the same size.
Brown  to  -  To fry in very shallow  fat  over a high heat in order to colour the food and seal in the juices.

Sauté  - The cooking of food in a small amount of fat, preferably in a single layer, until it browns and softens. It is important not to overfill the pan.


Tips, Options and Substitutions


Main equipment

Chopping Knife

Chopping Board


Wooden or Plastic Spoon


Freezing/Make ahead

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