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Pork Main Course Recipes


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Remember !   If you know specific ingredients you want use,  use the search form to find all the available recipes - e.g.   +ht  +mc  +pork  +French  +potatoes    will find you a hot main course containing pork and potatoes, which is of French origin e.g. Pork Loin Boulanger. Recipes listed by preparation time.


Key:-      HT = Hot      CD = Cold         MC = Main Course      


* Denotes A Working Week Menu


30 Minutes and under

Lemon Pork Ribs      HT  MC   15mins plus marinating

Skewered Pork with Ginger     HT  MC  15mins plus marinating

Butano Shogayaki     HT   MC   Japanese 20mins     October  2002

Epping Sausage     HT  MC  English  20mins

Frankfurters with Horseradish Sauce     HT   MC   20mins

Grilled Pork Sate     HT  MC  Indonesian  20mins plus marinating      July 2003

Lorne Sausage     HT  MC  Scottish  20mins plus chilling     November   2006

* Malaysian Noodles    HT  MC  Malaysian  20mins         April  2005

Pepperoni Onion and Cheese Pizza    HT  MC  Italian  20mins   October   2008

Pork Bulgogi    HT  MC  Korean  20mins plus marinating     September    2005

* Pork with Peanut     HT  MC   20min

* Savoury Pork Chops    HT  MC  20mins

Souvlaki       HT   MC  Greek   20mins      August 2002

* Stir-fried Kiwi Pork    HT  MC  20mins     April  2006

Black Pudding Croquettes      HT  MC   Irish   25mins

Chilli Pasta Ham Frittata   HT  CD  MC  PIC  Italian  25mins   July 2009

* Grilled Pork Chops with Orange    HT  MC  25mins       August  2008

Ham and Pineapple Pizza  (Hawaiian  HT  MC  25mins       February 2009

One Pan Sausage Pasta    HT  MC  English  25mins   New!   November 2009

* Pork Escalopes with Spiced Apricots    HT  MC    25mins

Baked Semolina Gnocchi with Bacon    HT  MC  Italian  30mins plus cooling      May 2010

Cape Malay Kebabs     HT  MC  S.Africa  30mins plus marinating   September 2003  

Chorizo and Potato Frittata    HT  CD  MC  PIC  Italian  30mins       July 2009

* Coriander Pork Burgers      HT   MC   30mins      October   2006

* Glazed Pork with Cabbage      HT   MC  30mins

Peachy Chilli Pork     HT  MC  30mins      August  2007

Pork and Mussel Cataplana     HT  MC  Portuguese  30mins     October  2004

* Pork and Spinach Stir-fry    HT  MC  30mins

* Pork Brochettes  HT   MC   30mins

Pork Chops with Chocolate    HT  MC  30mins      March 2008

* Sausage 'n Stilton Mash     HT  MC British     30mins    

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35 - 60 Minutes   

* Belgian Pork Chops  HT MC Belgian 35mins   December   2007

Chipolata Surprise    HT  MC  British   35mins

Fillet of Pork in Wine  HT   MC   British 35mins          

* Honeyed Pork Chops    HT   MC   35mins

Malagache Fillet of Pork    HT  MC  Madagascan   35mins        May 2004

Meatballs with Spaghetti    HT  MC  35mins        May 2009

Pork and Sage Fritters    HT  MC  35mins   February   2008

* Pork Chops with Rhubarb    HT  MC  35mins       April  2008

* Sesame Pork Kebabs    HT   MC   35mins  October 2003

Black Pudding Rougaille    HT   MC   Mauritian   40mins     January  2003

Frankfurter Stew     HT  MC   40mins

Pork Baked in Foil    HT   MC   40mins

Soy Pork    HT    MC   40mins

Breaded Pork      HT  MC  Polish  40mins            May   2005

Grilled Bratwurst     HT   MC   German   40mins      April 2003

Khmer Coconut Pork Skewers   HT  MC  Cambodian  40mins plus marinating    Dec 2003

Köttbullar - Traditional Swedish Meatballs    HT  MC  40mins      May 2009

Pork Meatballs      HT   MC   40mins        October   2006

Sesame Pork en Papillote   HT  MC  40 minutes     New!  April  2012

Knackwurst with Spinach     HT   MC German    45mins       April 2003

Balkan Stuffed Vine Leaves     HT  MC  Bulgarian  50mins      March  2004

Black Pudding with Apples    HT   MC  Irish  50mins        April  2004

Bogota Rice and Peas       HT  MC  Colombian  50mins    September   2007

Braised Pork Chops with Apples   HT  MC  British   50mins

Pork Chops with Capers     HT  MC  50mins   November  2003

Toad in the Pudding Recipe     HT   MC   English  50mins       September 2011

Baked Ham, spinach & mushroom pancakes   HT MC  55mins    February 2012

Black Pudding Braise   HT  MC  Irish  55mins       April  2004

Luncheon Meat and Broccoli Bake     HT  MC  English  55mins     September  2002

Sausage Flan     HT   MC    55mins

Hot Pickled Pork    HT  MC  Portuguese  60mins plus marinating     October  2004

Pork Chops in Cider       HT  MC   60mins

Pork Stuffed Aubergines        HT  MC     60mins

Sausage and Apple Pie         HT   CD     MC  60mins

Sinhalese Pan Roasted Pork    HT  MC  Sri Lankan  60mins plus marinating         July  2006

Toad in the Hole      HT   MC    British     60mins 



Over 60 minutes

Roast Pork Cajun Style   HT   MC   Cajun    65mins 

Bohemian Pork Chops  HT  MC  Czech  70mins plus marinating  May  2008     

Red Pork Curry  HT      MC  Thai   70mins

Casseroled Pork with Leeks  HT  MC   75mins

Highland Sausage Plait      HT  MC Scotland   75mins plus soaking     January 2002

Pork and Tomato Hash  HT  MC  75mins        February 2008 

Pork and Beef Tourtière   HT  MC  Canadian  80mins       September  2006

Pork and Potato Tourtière    HT  MC  Canadian  80mins    September  2006

Pork And Pumpkin Stew      HT  MC   Myanmar  80mins plus marinating   Sept 2004

Solomillo de Cerdo con Jamón    HT  MC Spanish    80mins       March 2002

Latticed Meat Roll     HT   CD   MC    90mins

Pork Empanadas    HT   MC Argentine  90mins plus resting     October 2003

Sausage and Cider Hotpot Recipe   HT   MC   90mins     New!   September 2011

Pork Curry with Bananas    HT   MC    Tahitian   95mins   May 2003

Bajan Pork Roast      HT    MC  West Indian  100mins    May 2002

Cinnamon Milk Pork    HT  MC  Colombian  100mins       September   2007

Dublin Coddle     HT    MC   Irish     100mins     

Pork and Rhubarb Ragout      HT     MC   100mins        April 2002

Spinach Stuffed Medallions of Pork     HT  MC   100mins

Pork Loin Boulanger       HT    MC   French    105mins

Inca Stew      HT  MC   S. American     105mins

Cantonese Roast Pork    HT    MC   Chinese     110mins

Barbecued Spare Ribs    HT  MC     120mins

Central Mexico Meat Stew  (Puchero)    HT MC Mexican 120mins plus soaking     Dec 2002

Karjalanpaisti - Finnish Hot Pot    HT   MC Finland 120mins   January 2002

Pork with Mustard Sauce        HT    MC    120mins 

Pot Roasted Pork with Grapes   HT   MC    120mins

Caramelised Pork    HT   MC   Vietnamese    130mins      March 2003

Roast Pork with Turnips     HT   MC  French    130mins

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls     HT   MC   Polish   135mins              May   2005

Date and Pineapple Stuffed Pork     HT   MC   135mins

Lombo com Farofa    HT  MC  Brazilian 135  plus marinating   July 2002

Feijoada Completa    HT   MC   Brazilian   140mins    July 2002

Feijoada a Francesa    HT   MC   Brazilian   140mins   July 2002

Hampshire Haslett    CD  MC  English  140mins plus cooling   April   2007

Traditional Pork Pie   CD  MC  English  140mins plus cooling  New!    August  2008

Pork Loin with Milk      HT    MC   150mins 

Crubeens        HT  CD   MC   Irish   160mins       

Feijoada a Nordestina   HT   MC   Brazilian   160mins     July 2002

Hungarian stuffed cabbage     HT   MC   Hungarian    165mins     November 2002

Milk Pork     HT  MC  Argentine  170mins plus marinating      October 2003

Tourtière du Saguenay     HT MC Canadian 200mins      September  2006

Brawn    CD  MC  English  260mins plus chilling     July  2006

Sausage And Vegetable Stew    HT    MC   Italian    300mins            

Slow Roast Pork with Cranberry Glaze    HT   MC  375mins   



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