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Pine Nut Recipes

A collection of sweet and Savoury recipes using Pine Nuts

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Also known as pignolia or pinon and often referred to as kernels, pine nuts are the seeds from the cones of certain varieties of pine trees belonging to the family Pinaceae. They are generally about 12mm/½ an inch long, depending on the variety, with a pale cream colour and a delicate 'pine' taste. For detailed information about pine nuts  click  HERE .

Below is a selection of recipes using chocolate from this site. To find them all use the search page.

Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      SP = Soup      HD = Starter     

MC = Main Course       ACC = Accompaniment      DP = Dessert/Pudding    

CBF = Cakes/Baked Fayre




Spiced Pine Nut Soup    Veg   HT   SP   15mins

Pepper and Pine Nut Gallettes    Veg   HT   HD   25mins

Rhubarb and Spinach Salad   Veg   CD   HD   25mins

Italian Stuffed Sardines   HT   CD  HD   Italian  60mins

Dolmathakia Me Rizi   Veg   CD  HD  Greek   75mins plus cooling


Main Course

Fruity Tofu and Mushroom Salad   Veg   CD   MC  English   15mins plus marinating

Cheese Apple and Mushroom Salad   Veg CD   MC   English   15mins plus marinating  

Parsley Lemon and Pine Nut Linguine   Veg   HT   MC   Italian   20mins plus marinating

Spaghetti with Sardines    HT  MC   25mins

Beef with Pine Nuts and Raisins   HT   MC   M Eastern   30mins

Stuffed Bacon Chops    HT  MC   50mins

Mediterranean Swordfish   HT   MC   Italian   60mins

Kotopoylo Yemisto  (Chicken)   HT   MC   Greek   140mins



Classic Pesto Sauce     Veg  CD  ACC  Italian  10mins

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto      Veg  CD  ACC Italian   10mins plus soaking

Thyme Pesto    Veg   CD   ACC   Italian 10mins

Creamy Spinach with Pine Nuts     Veg  HT  ACC  30mins

Habas Verdes con Salsa de Tomate      Veg  HT  ACC  Spanish  40mins

Herbed Rice with Raisins     Veg  HT  ACC  50mins plus standing

Honey Glazed Squash     HT  ACC  80mins


Desserts, Cakes and Baked Fayre

Cardamom Scones     Veg  HT  CD  CBF  35mins

Almond Pine Nut Tart       Veg  HT  CD  DP  55mins

Creamy Pine Nut Pie   Veg  CD  DP  60mins plus cooling

Halvas Tou Fournou    Veg   CD  DP  Greek  60mins plus cooling

Pear and Pine Nut Bread    Veg  CD  CBF  85mins

Cherry Pine Nut Biscotti    Veg  CD  CBF  Italian  90mins

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