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Peach Month

August is Peach Month, and is the perfect time to celebrate and enjoy the benefits and taste of these full-of-goodness fruit whilst they are at the peak of perfection.

Peaches (Prunus persica) are native to China where they have been cultivated for centuries. Not only have they been mentioned in Chinese writings dating back to the 10th Century BC,  they have also been the subject of many Chinese folk tales,  including having been consumed by the Immortals for their mystic powers of giving long life.  The Persians are believed to have introduced the peach to Europe from China and Spanish explorers took them to the Americas in the 16th century.


Nutritionally, not only does a medium sized peach provide one of your recommended 5-a-day,  but medical studies have shown that their content of the antioxidants  Lutein and Zeaxanthin  helps guard against blindness caused by Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) which is now the biggest cause of irreversible blindness or partial loss of sight in the western world,  affecting millions of people over the age of 50.


There are many ways to incorporate them into the diet in both savoury and sweet dishes.


Below are just a few of the peach recipes on this site using these delectable fruit.  


Happy Cooking!


Peach Smoothie Recipes

Peach BBQ Sauce    Veg  HT  ACC  10mins

Peach Salsa    Veg  CD  ACC  15mins plus resting

Baked Summer Fruit    Veg  HT  DP  25min

Pasta Melba    Veg  CD  DP  25mins

Peachy Chilli Pork    HT  MC  30mins

Amaretti Peaches    Veg  HT  DP  35mins

Chicken with Quandong or Peaches    HT  MC  Australian  40mins

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