No. 38 - October 2005

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Florence Sandeman, Editor



Did you know ?

Up until the late 18th century, the French believed that potatoes caused leprosy

What's New This Month



Ingredient of the Month



Click the picture to find out about  Mint including its origin, history and of course lots of recipes



Cooking Tip of the Month

To rescue over-whipped Cream 

Gently fold in a few tablespoons of milk or unwhipped cream.



What's in Season

Apples, Artichokes, Beetroot, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chillies, Courgettes,  Leeks, Mint, Lettuce, Onions, Pears, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Perpetual Spinach,  Squash, Quinces, Turnips, Vegetable Marrow



How does your  Kitchen Garden grow


For a winter supply of Herbs, pot up plants of Basil, Marjoram,  Oregano and Parsley and grow them on indoors on windowsills.


You can plant onion sets for over-wintering and if you're growing spring cabbage, you should move them to their final positions early this month. Yu could also try sowing the seed of suitable Winter lettuces.


Start looking out for 2006 seed catalogues, many of which you can order online and get your seed orders in early. It's a good idea to roughly plan out where you want to grow your herbs and veggies, paying special attention to crop rotation - try not to grow the same veggies in the same place as you did last season to avoid a build up of soil pests/diseases.


For detailed growing instructions visit our specialist  growing herbs and vegetables section



! ! !  STOP PRESS  ! ! !


Culinary speaking, .this month is a really busy one in the UK. Not only does British Cheese week fall in October,  so does British Food Fortnight, Seafood week, British Sausage Week, National Apple day and it's National Cider Month! I've tried to list at least 2 recipes in the featured recipes list below to cover each, so there should be something for everyone.




Find UK Holiday Cottages


A superb site where you can search for cottages by district, price, date and size. And not only cottages in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England ....they have many cottages in France and Germany too.


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It's British Cheese Week - 22nd-30th October 2005



I always thought there were about 400 British Cheeses being produced today, however, I'm beginning to wonder whether there aren't actually a lot more. Whilst researching for this editorial, something else became very apparent.....

Opposite is some information about some of the better known British cheeses, most of which are made with cow's milk. However, I was slightly surprised to learn how many cheeses using other milks are made in Britain.


Now, I must admit to being a goat's cheese fanatic - have been for many many years, but I've usually bought French or Italian goat's cheeses....until now.


There are at least 8 Goat's cheeses made in Scotland, Wales and England - which are readily available to buy, certainly online and probably in traditional shops too although, I have to say, the only one I've really noticed in my supermarket is Capricorn. Some other varieties are Ticklemore, Ribblesdale, Welsh Crottin, Swaledale,  Gigha and Ragstone - aren't they just fabulous names!


At the risk of offending readers from Eire (Southern Ireland) I'm also going to include 3 Irish goat's cheese - Blue Rathgore, Corleggy and Croghan -  I'm not entirely sure if any of these are made in Northern Ireland so just in case they're not ....SORRY!


Not only Goat's cheese do we produce in these islands. Oh no. Ewe's milk cheese is also made - some with equally wonderful names such as Beenleigh Blue,  Duddleswell and Sussex Slipcote (English) Cairnsmore, Lairobell and Lanark Blue (Scottish), Skirrid, Caws Celtica  and Pantysgawn  (Wales)..


And as if that wasn't enough, I have found 3 Buffalo milk cheeses ranging from soft to semi-hard namely Junus, Mrs Bells Buffalo Blue and Lambors. Yes, we have buffalo in the UK !


You can buy many of the above-mentioned

 cheeses online at The Cheese Hamlet. Just click on the banner above to go straight to their site.


As I mentioned last year, there is more mozzarella produced in the UK than there is in Italy and Britain produces its own  Feta, Parmesan, Brie, Camembert and Gruyère !


The  'King of English cheeses',  Stilton dates back to the 18th  Century. Click here to read about  its history, uses plus lots of recipes.     Featured Recipe


Cheshire cheese is Britain's oldest cheese, dating back to the eleventh century. It was mentioned in the Doomsday Book,  and was a firm favourite in Elizabeth I's court. Featured Recipe


Cheddar dates back to the 15th century when it was stored in the Cheddar Gorge caves in Somerset.  Featured Recipe


Caerphilly cheese was first sold in and around the town of Caerphilly in Wales in about 1830. Featured Recipe


Wensleydale was first made by French Cistercian monks from the Roquefort region who subsequently settled in Yorkshire. Originally the cheese was made from ewes' milk however, during the 1300s cows' milk began to be used instead slightly changing the character of the cheese to what we know today.   Featured Recipe


Scottish Lanark Blue has sometimes been described as the British equivalent to Roquefort. It is a relatively new Scottish cheese made from ewes milk and was first produced in 1985.  Featured Recipe


Other featured recipes include :-

Derby   Dunlop    Gloucester   Teifi


Happy Cooking!



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Recipe of the Month


Cidered Apple Pancakes

Here's a very topical recipe which covers two of October's National Days - Apples and Cider. If you want to be more adventurous, try adding some sultanas which have been cooked in cider for 10 minutes. Scrumptious!


Serves 6

Prep time:   45 minutes



100g/4oz Plain Flour
25g/1oz Caster Sugar
A pinch of Salt
2 Eggs, beaten
240ml/8 fl.oz Milk
1 tbsp Melted Butter
6 tbsp Cider
The juice and grated zest of 1 Orange
1/2 teasp Vanilla Extract
4 tbsp Brown Sugar
1 teasp Ground Cinnamon
6 Apples, chopped
6 tbsp Oil




1. Mix the flour, caster sugar and salt in a bowl then gradually beat in the milk and eggs. Whisk until smooth then add the melted butter, 3 tablespoons of the cider, the orange zest and vanilla extract. Mix well and set aside.

2. Place the remaining cider in a large mixing bowl together with the chopped apples, brown sugar and cinnamon. Mix well and set aside.

4. Preheat the grill to hot and the oven to 170C/325F, Gas Mark 3. Pour 1 tbsp of oil into a frying pan and heat, tilting the pan to coat the base and sides thoroughly. When very hot, add one sixth of the batter and cook for 1-2 minutes until set.

5. Spoon a sixth of the apple mixture onto the partially cooked pancake then place under the hot grill for a few minutes until bubbling. Fold over and remove to an ovenproof serving dish, cover loosely with foil and keep warm in the oven while you make the other five pancakes in the same way. Serve hot.  

New and featured Recipes 

V = Vegetarian       GF = Gluten/wheat Free      DF = Dairy Free

Accompaniments     Vegan   GF  DF

Yorkshire Pudding        V 

Irish Potato Stuffing     V   GF 

Apple Mashed Potatoes      V    GF

Milk Carrots      V    GF

Welsh Laver bread Cakes      V    DF

Slapan (Bakestones)      V 

Smoked Cheese Dressing      GF

Welsh Onion Bake      V    GF

Savoury Mashed Pumpkin      V 

Mint Jelly

Mint Marinade

Peanut Chutney     Vegan   GF  DF

Mango and Chilli Salsa     Vegan   GF  DF

Raita       V    GF

Apricot Couscous       Vegan    DF

White Cabbage Salad       V 

Classic Mint Sauce         Vegan   GF  DF

Fassoulakia Yahni      Vegan   GF  DF

Herbed Rice with Raisins       Vegan   GF  DF

Bhindi Bhaji       Vegan   GF  DF

Herb Dumplings      Vegan    DF

Minted Potatoes       V    GF



Desserts Cakes & Bakes

Irish Soda Bread      V 

Oatmeal Bread      V 

Dundee Cake       V 

Manchester Tart        V 

Stilton Scones     V 

Battenberg Cake      V 

Monmouth Pudding     V 

Sparkling Cider Sorbet      V 

Scottish Clootie Dumpling

Stilton, Fruit and Nut Crumble      V 

Spotted Dick

Apple and Mincemeat Tart      V 

Minted Nectarine Sorbet       V   GF  DF

Cantaloupe Brochettes   V    GF

Fresh Mint Ice Cream     V    GF

Chocolate Mint Sauce    V   

Berry Mint Muffins       V

Buttermilk Scones      V 

Soups & Starters 

Scottish Cullen Skink      GF

Lanark Poached Pears     V 

Marinated Seafood Cocktail

Scallops Florentine

Crab Louis

Minted Cucumber with Feta        V    GF

Squid and Mango Salad     GF  DF

Spicy Wrapped Meatballs      GF  DF

Turkish Bride Soup       V 

Stilton and Spinach Parcels       V   

Chicken Pho


Minted Split Pea Soup        V    DF

Cidered Black Pudding Brochettes

Apple and Wensleydale Pate         V    GF



Main Courses 

Lancashire Hotpot       GF  DF

Devonshire Cod With Mushrooms

Cranberry Mustard Sausages       DF

Sausage 'n Stilton Mash      GF

Traditional Cornish Pasties

Berkshire Bacon Roly Poly Pudding         DF 

Finnan Haddie

Dunlop and Spinach Strudel        V 

Highland Sausage Plait

Irish Stew         GF    DF  

Grilled Lobster       GF 

Prawn Pad Thai

Chilli Lamb with Mint        DF 

Salmon with Minted Yoghurt         GF 

Chicken with Derby Cheese

Eels in Green Sauce        GF 

Balkan Stuffed Vine Leaves         GF  

Chicken Kalya             GF  

Turkish Stuffed Peppers      Vegan   GF   DF 

Lamb with a Minted Crust      DF 

Bacon and Bean Hotpot      GF  

Persian Meat Stew     GF   DF 

Leek and Stilton Quiche         V 

Baked Gloucester Cod

Thyme & Cheshire Stuffed Chicken Breasts    GF



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