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Newsletter #18 - November 2003

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Happy Cooking ! 



Florence Sandeman, Editor


Food Funny   

What did baby corn day to mummy corn?

Where popcorn?

Don't groan but.....

Although it's only November, I'm going to talk about Christmas. Oh, I know it's almost two months away, but a little thought about it now will pay off ....HONESTLY!

For instance, if you're planning on making your own Christmas cake or Puddings, now's the time to start if you want the best results.


My mother-in-law was an excellent Christmas Pudding maker. Fortunately before she died, she passed her secrets on to me. Her secret was to make them early...NOW... and re-boil/steam then for a couple of hours every two weeks. The result was an incredibly dark rich pudding, a tablespoon of which was sufficient for me. Makes 1 medium sized pudding go a long way.


Then there's the Christmas cake. If you want to make a traditional cake with marzipan and icing, ideally, once you've covered the cake with the marzipan, you should wait a week before icing....longer if you wish and once iced, it will last for weeks in a cake tin. So why not start it NOW. One less thing to think about.


Why is it most of us only eat mince pies at Christmas? Strange but true. Ever thought about making your own mincemeat to go in them? It's quite different to shop-bought and really easy, although it should be kept for a couple of weeks after its been made so why not make some NOW.

What about the turkey? Yes, you can buy frozen ones in supermarkets and they're ok but I guarantee if you order a fresh one, you'll definitely taste and feel the difference. Feel? Look I don't know why, but the texture of fresh turkey meat is different...as with many meats. But if you want to order one, you'd better do it  NOW .  


Turkey wasn't always traditionally served at Christmas. Before its arrival Goose was the norm. Why not try it for a change. Or why not go for something completely different. How about Venison? There are some wonderful venison recipes on this site if you're unsure how to cook it. There again, many high street retailers don't sell the roasting cuts so really, if you want to try venison you should order it NOW.


And lastly gifts. Personally, I think Christmas has become too commercialised. However, this being the case, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon.


Many of you reading this will be seasoned cooks, but even the hardiest of us like to take a bit of a break now and again. Enter the Cuisine Select Serves 4  mixed spice/herb range.  


The  Themed Series packs  

which have A5 laminated recipe cards as well as just enough of the the herbs/ spices to cook the dish, are an ideal gift to give to anyone, be they cook or not: boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, husbands, wives even the kids!


Give them the pack as a pressy and look forward to being cooked an Authentic dish.  Don't stop at the people you live with....they make an unusual gift for anyone who cooks....or doesn't cook.


Come to think of it, you may like to try them. I'll even admit to having used them myself.


Oh, and the singles packs are ideal as stocking fillers....a present that's a little different.

Why not drop a hint to your loved-ones. You can read about the range and order  them HERE


Lastly, look out for  our 2004 Calendar : a 30cmx21cm laminated wall calendar which features 12 recipes chosen from the Cuisine Select range...and unlike the spices, we can send these to anywhere in the world...UK postal striker permitting!  Order it HERE.


Happy Christmas-ing!




What's New This month

Cooking by Country


Click the picture to find out about French culinary culture and history, present day cooking plus lots of recipes

Many consider French cooking to be La Mere  of all cuisines.  Its long culinary history has evolved into one of the finest cuisines in the world,  through both native and outside influences….. perhaps the most surprising of which is the enormous input by early Italian chefs. 


Also in this section, we give you comprehensive information  about a typical French dish and a widely used ingredient 


The French Speciality Dish CASSOULET

The French Speciality Ingredient TRUFFLES

Ingredient of the month


Click the picture to find out all about Capers plus lots of recipes

So, when you're eating a caper, which part of the plant exactly are you eating? Is it the fruit?  Is it the seed? Or maybe it's part of the root....OR MAYBE NOT!  We think you're going to be a little surprised.

Fruit and Vegetables in Season


Apples, Artichokes, Beetroot, Brussels Sprouts,  Cabbage,  Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chilies, Courgettes,  Leeks, Lettuce,  Mint, Onions, Pears, Potatoes, Pumpkin,  Perpetual Spinach, Squash, Quinces,  Turnips, Vegetable Marrow


Recipe of the Month


Baked Pumpkin

Here's a simple recipe to use up the glut of pumpkins.


Serves 4-6     40 Minutes 



1.2kg/2.5lb Pumpkin  skinned

50g/2oz Butter 

Salt and Pepper 


Sour Cream to serve

1. Preheat the oven to 180C, 350F, Gas Mark 4 and line a shallow baking tray with buttered aluminium foil. 


2. Cut the pumpkin into 2.5cm/1-inch slices then place the slices of pumpkin on the greased foil and season with salt and  black pepper.


3. Dot with the butter then sprinkle liberally with paprika. Bake for 30 minutes or until soft and serve immediately with sour cream.

New and Featured Recipes      V = Vegetarian


Fried Camembert   V

Escargots de Bourgogne

Cousinette   V

Pamplemousse au Crabe

Onion Soup with Wine   V

Carrot Domes with Gruyere   V

Bresaola Antipasto

Stuffed Cherry Tomato Tapas  V

Salmon Carpaccio

Crab Cakes with Vanilla Remoulade




Clamart Purée   V

Topinambours en Daube   V

Potatoes a l'alsacienne 

Aubergines a la Bordelaise   V

Lyonnaise Butter Beans   V

Dauphinois Potatoes   V

Homemade Tapenade

Spanish Dressing   V

Anchovy Sauce for Beef

Caper Sauce

Green Beans in Sofrito Sauce

Calabrian Salad   V

Asparagus with Capers    V



Congolai  V

Brioches  V

Savoury Brioches  V

Langues de Chat  V

Pear Flan  V

Fresh Berry Clafoutis  V

Sultana and Apple Clafoutis  V

Profiteroles au Chocolat  V

Christmas Pudding with Guinness

Golden Apple Mincemeat

Christmas Cake



Fish and Vegetarian

Truffle and Chive Risotto    V

Calamares a la Provencale

Creamed Roquefort Quiche     V

Grenouilles au Riz

Aubergines Caskets

Tagliatelle with White Truffles    V

Skate with Browned Butter 

Eliche alla Puttanesca

Mediterranean Swordfish

Rigatoni with Aubergine Sauce   V


Meat, Poultry & Game

Orange Braised Chicken Breasts with Capers

Pork Chops with Capers

Tournedos Rossini

Kidneys a la Jardiniere

Agneau Champvallon

Chicken with Truffles

Chicken in Muscadet

Boeuf Bourguignon

Duck or Goose Confit







Whether you're looking for everyday,  exotic or unusual food and drink,  visit


Food shopping has never been easier!




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