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Welcome to the first Recipes4us Newsletter of 2008. As well as the usual February features including Valentine's Day, Pancake Day, National Chip Week and National Bramley Apple Week, it gives me great pleasure to add a new Food Day which was conceived and launched by Recipes4us, namely BRITISH YORKSHIRE PUDDING DAY on 3rd February. You can read more about it below and no matter where you live, I hope you'll join in and celebrate with family and friends.


Once again this year I am hoping to introduce new sections to the website and newsletter in 2008.  As usual, if you have any suggestions, additions or interesting questions  for the newsletter, please write to me at .


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British Yorkshire Pudding Day

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Don't forget to celebrate the first ever British Yorkshire Pudding Day on 3rd February 2008 which is the brainchild of

In future years the day will be held on the 1st Sunday in February, and it is hoped that it will become an established and popular British food day for years to come, when everyone can join in to remember, celebrate and enjoy one of the most iconic of British dishes, famous not only in the UK but also internationally.

The day has already received lots of interest both from the media and from organisations willing to promote the day such as The English and Yorkshire Tourist Boards, English Beef & Lamb,  the Flour Advisory Bureau. and British Lion Quality Eggs.

Click the logo to go to the BYPD page where you'll find lots of information plus recipe ideas ....and don't forget to tell EVERYONE you know about it.



February 5th is Pancake Day


As well as the one below, we have lots of lovely recipes for dessert  and savoury pancakes including seafood, chicken, meat and  vegetarian fillings plus some background information about the tradition.  (Updated)

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Photo and recipe © Morrisons Supermarket


Spinach and Feta Pancakes

Serves 2


Make it easy on yourself  and purchase this specialist Pancake pan from Amazon. Click the picture to go straight to the store


4 pancakes
225g baby spinach roughly chopped
75g feta cheese, crumbled
Tomato salad to serve


1. Place spinach in large pan and cook until just wilted. Remove from the pan and add Feta cheese

2. Lay one pancake on a plate, spoon a quarter of the spinach mixture over one half of the pancake, and then fold over other half over. Repeat the process with the remaining pancakes.

3. Transfer pancakes to an oven proof fish and cook in a preheated over at 200C for 10mins. Serve with a tomato salad




Food in the News . . . .

Trans-fats harm may extend to prostate: study
17/01/2008   Increased intakes of trans-fatty acids may increase the risk of non-aggressive prostate tumours by about 100 per cent, suggests new research from Harvard.

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5 Things You Didn't Know You Can Cook with Microwaves


The microwave has become nearly as common to find in the kitchen as an oven or a dishwasher.  And yet, despite its popularity, most people don't appreciate the full range of possibilities for cooking in a microwave oven. 



Here are five things that you can do with your microwave to create unusual meals that most people make on the stovetop. 




Since the last newsletter, Recipes4us got mentions in various publications including Country Kitchen and House & Home Ideas Magazines (Feb Issues),  The Publican and The Mirror (National). You can see them all HERE . . . or at least the ones I know about.




This is a NEW SECTION featuring recipes using all manner of leftover food to help you save money and our planet's resources. Click the picture.


Weekday Menus


Click the picture to find this month's  weekday menus to help you plan your meals and shopping weeks ahead.  Each weekday has a main course, suggested vegetable accompaniments plus a dessert which have been planned to supply you with a balanced diet.. It's also been designed so that you can interchange one day's menu with another in the same grouping. Furthermore, most of the main courses are ready to serve in less than 40 minutes - great for working people.



Food in Film


Click the film to see the next in the series.



What's in Season in



Click here to see what's in season this month and to find a UK Farmers' Market near you. There are Lots of seasonal recipes too






This is the latest addition to the Kitchen/Cookware section where we tell you everything you need to know about  microwaves. Click the picture.



How does your  Kitchen Garden grow

If you're thinking about growing potatoes you should buy "seed" potatoes now. These are just small potatoes which have been certified as virus free. When you've got them, set them with the rose "eyes" uppermost in a light frost-free place. They will begin to sprout in about 6 weeks.


You can start sowing the seed of Aubergines and peppers, including chillies, in late February indoors in small pots 7.5cm/3" diameter filled with compost.. Peppers in particular require a relatively long growing season so to avoid disappointing crops it's a good idea to start them off indoors before acclimatising them to outside conditions.


Hold off sowing outdoor seed until the end of February and even then, sow with caution as cold soil conditions hamper germination. Unless the weather has been very clement, it's best to wait until March.


By now you should have ordered all your veggie seeds, but even if you haven't, they will be appearing in garden centres and stores very soon and you still have time to order them online.

1. Microwave Scrambled Eggs
For the longest time, I thought that eggs and microwaves didn't mix.  Why?  I have no idea, it was just the sort of thing that everybody knows.  But the truth is that eggs in the microwave are quick, easy, and quick to clean up.  Start by microwaving a little bit of butter until it’s melted.  Add eggs and your favourite extras and seasonings, like chopped chives, grated Parmesan, and parsley.  Whisk the ingredients together until mixed, and microwave for about 2 – 3 minutes, stirring once in the middle.  What could be easier?

2. Microwave Fudge
If you love the taste of fudge but hate to stand over a hot stove stirring (and stirring, and stirring…) then you should try how easy it can be to make this tasty candy in your microwave.  All you need to do is to combine sweetened condensed milk with a package of chocolate chips, microwave until all is melted, add a bit of vanilla flavouring and stir.  Then you put the mixture into a square pan and refrigerate until hardened.  You can also add mini marshmallows, nuts, candied cherries, or other extras to the mix.

3. Microwave Hamburgers
Make delicious hamburgers in five minutes without the fuss of cleaning and heating a grill, just by using your microwave.  To do it, mix 1lb of minced beef with your favourite additions, like bread crumbs, diced peppers, eggs, and seasonings.  Microwave for three minutes loose, then shape into patties and microwave for an
additional two minutes. This helps to ensure that the meat is thoroughly cooked.

4. Microwave Onion Soup
Soup is delicious, satisfying, and low in calories, especially when you make the ingredients yourself – which is quick to do if you use your microwave.  Simply slice five sweet onions, like Vidalia or Maui onions, into thin slices.  Microwave the onions in a microwave-safe casserole dish until the onions become soft and translucent, about 10 minutes.  Add 3 cans of beef broth and seasonings like salt and pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and thyme.  Microwave until the mixture boils, about 10 minutes.  Top with slices of baguette and mozzarella cheese and microwave until cheese melts, about half a minute.

5. Microwave English Muffin Bread
Baking bread in the microwave?  Why yes, it is possible!  Try combining 2 cups of milk with one cup of water and microwaving until the mixture reaches 130°F.  Add 1 tablespoon sugar, 4 cups of flour, ¼ tablespoon baking soda, and 2 packages fast-rising yeast.  Beat thoroughly, and then add an additional cup of flour.  Dough should be stiff.  Pour dough into two greased and cornmeal-sprinkled microwave-safe loaf pans.  Help the dough to rise by microwaving at medium power for 1 minute and then allowing to rest for 10 minutes. Stop when the dough doubles in size.  Then microwave each loaf on high for 6 minutes until flat and hard on top.

Article Source: Only Cookware is a cookware consumer guide  providing information on All Clad stainless cookware and pot racks.

Don't forget to visit our new Section for lots of information about Microwaves

For detailed growing instructions visit

growing herbs and vegetables section


Buy all your vegetable and herb seeds online here





National Bramley Apple Week 3rd - 10th February


Bramley apples are widely considered to be the cook's choice for cooking apples and have become one of the most popular cooking apples used since their discovery in the 1850's . Below are some sweet and savoury recipes using Bramleys (or other cooking apples) and you can read more about Bramley apples including their history,  by following the link.

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 V = Vegetarian        GF = Gluten/wheat Free       DF = Dairy Free

Lentil Winter Supper     V   GF

Liver with Apples

Cotswolds Squab Pie

Stuffed Cabbage     V   GF

Apple & Potato Mash     V   GF

Apple and Celery Stuffing

Sultana & Apple Clafoutis    V

Traditional Apple Pie    V

11th-17th February is National Chip Week (UK)


Did you know……   Microwave and oven chips only became fashionable in the 1980's? Seems much longer ago to me.


As with many food items, the name for what we in the UK call "chips" sometimes differs in other parts of the world. We clarify the debate and also tell you lots more about the glorious chip.


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14th February is Valentine's Day


Click here to visit our Valentines Day page for information about its history, a list of amour foods, tips on what to feed your loved one, recipes and menu suggestions.



Valentines Day items to purchase

Make everyday recipes and meals extra special using our specially selected Valentine cookware









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