No. 62 - December 2007

This is the last newsletter for 2007 and (as usual) the next newsletter will be sent during the 1st week in February 2008. 


It has been another eventful year for Recipes4us including continued media coverage in The Daily Mirror (a UK national newspaper),  London Lite,  House & Home Ideas magazine where we were featured as the top website recipe company, plus many local newspapers both in print and online, including the USA and a couple of radio interviews.  Our  daily visitor rate has risen to an average of 7,600 visitors viewing c20,000 pages per day. Thank you  for your support in 2007 and hopefully, your continued support in 2008.


With Seasons Greetings and very best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


Happy Cooking ! 





Florence Sandeman, Editor

Q.  What did the turkey say before it was roasted?

A.   Boy, I'm stuffed!

What's new this Month




Recipes4us got mentions in the Liverpool Echo (UK) plus a Florida (USA) newspaper for British Pudding day, The Mirror (National) and The Evening Press (York) relating to British Yorkshire Pudding Day.


Weekday Menus


This is a new section which features a whole month's worth of weekday menus to help you plan your meals and shopping weeks ahead.  Each weekday has a main course, suggested vegetable accompaniments plus a dessert which have been planned to supply you with a balanced diet.. It's also been designed so that you can interchange one day's menu with another in the same grouping. Furthermore, most of the main courses are ready to serve in less than 40 minutes - great for working people.


Food in Film



Click the film to see the next in the series.



What's in Season in December


Click here to see what's in season this month and to find a UK Farmers' Market near you. There are Lots of seasonal recipes too



Pressure Cooking


Yet another new section where we tell you everything about pressure cooking. See below for more information and to visit the pages on the website.



Below are a few features of some seasonal favourites where you can find lots of information and recipe ideas















Marsala, Port & Sherry










How does your  Kitchen Garden grow


Depending on where you live and the weather, there may not be much chance to get out into your garden but it's as good a time as any to  start planning what you want to grow next year. You can order seeds online which not only  saves a trip to the garden centre but also offers you more choice of varieties.


Indoors move potted herb plants to as light a position as possible to ensure they don't grow straggly. 





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KL of Spain
 to launch 1st EVER British Yorkshire Pudding Day

on 3rd February 2008


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With so few UK celebratory food days, I thought it was about time we bucked up our ideas, and what better food to honour than Yorkshire Pudding - a traditional favourite throughout the UK with a history dating back centuries.

In future years the day will be held on the 1st Sunday in February, and it is hoped that it will become an established and popular British food day for years to come, when everyone can join in to remember, celebrate and enjoy one of the most iconic of British dishes, famous not only in the UK but also internationally.

The day is being supported by British Lion Quality Eggs and the Flour Advisory Bureau.

Click the logo to go to the BYPD page where you'll find lots of information plus recipe ideas so that no matter how you choose to celebrate, you'll rise to the occasion.



Everything you ever wanted to know about food at Christmas

We've extended our Christmas pages! We tell everything from buying to preparing to cooking to serving food over the festive season.


As well as the general Christmas Recipe page, we now have sections covering advanced preparations, buying Christmas food which includes a printable shopping list plus a parties section.

To top it all, we have the most comprehensive Turkey  pages you'll find on the net covering what size turkey you'll need,  preparation, quantities, timings and tips plus a Christmas menu which includes a printable time plan so you don't forget anything on the day. It even has boxes for you to tick as and when when you've done the stages. There are also some wonderful recipes for using up the leftovers....if you have any! 

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Countdown to Christmas .....

With Christmas day falling on a Tuesday this year, you may feel you have plenty of time on Christmas Eve to get your provisions, but remember - everyone else will probably be thinking the same so beat the rush and avoid disappointment by getting as much in before the Saturday.... just beware of sell-by dates. Check EVERYTHING you buy especially items like cream.

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17th December is National Maple Syrup Day

First used by native Canadian Indians, maple syrup has been popularised throughout the western world by North Americans who have been using it as a sweetener for centuries. Many thanks from the rest of us!


One of nature's natural sweeteners, even after the harvesting process, Maple Syrup remains a very pure ingredient. Also, its mineral properties may surprise you.

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 Danny Hooks -



24th December is Eggnog Day

 Mark Stout -

As well as being Christmas Eve, 24th December is Eggnog Day.

For many of us, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without an Eggnog or two so what better day to be set aside for the celebration of this delicious drink than the day before Christmas.

However, some questions beg to be asked such as as  where this drink originated and how if got its strange name.

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Sing a song of mincemeat, currants, raisins, spice,  

Apples, sugar, nutmeg,  everything that's nice

                                                                        Excerpt from Elizabeth Gould's poem "Mincemeat"


The eating of mincemeat has become a firm tradition at Christmas for many of us, and with vegetarian varieties  now available, they can be enjoyed by everyone,  as can the numerous other recipes using this old ingredient.


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New years Day Around the world

Why not try out traditional recipes served at New year from around the world.... and learn how to say "Happy New Year" in that country's language.

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8th January is English Toffee Day


Whilst no-one is sure exactly when toffee was first made in England, it most certainly dates back centuries and one toffee in particular, has an interesting story  behind it.

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Other notable food celebrations in December and January include


9th  December - National Pastry Day

21st December - California Kiwifruit Day

4th January - National Spaghetti Day

7th January - National Tempura Day

16th January - National Pizza Day

26th January - National Pistachio Day

29th January - National Potato Day (UK)

January - National Soup Month

January - National Egg Month


Especially useful at this time of the year whether you're looking for everyday, festive, exotic or unusual food and drink 

Food shopping has never been easier !



Recipe of the Month (January)




As 21st January  sees the start of Farmhouse Breakfast week, here's a  recipe for a fabulous traditional British cooked breakfast.... made even more simple as is all done in individual dishes in the oven !

Courtesy of

British Lion Quality Eggs


Prep: 5 mins Cooking: 25-28 mins
Serves 4


4 sausages
4 rashers back bacon
2 tomatoes, halved
8 open mushrooms
8 large Lion Quality eggs


1. Preheat the oven to 200C Fan 180C Gas Mark 6. Lightly oil 4 individual ovenproof dishes about 20cm/8in diameter. Place a sausage in each and bake for 10 mins.

2. Shake the sausages then add the bacon, tomato and mushrooms. Bake for a further 10 mins.

3. Remove the dishes from the oven and shuffle around the ingredients to make room for the eggs. Carefully crack the eggs and add to the dishes. Return the dishes to the oven and cover the tops with a baking tray or foil - this stops the eggs wrinkling. Bake for 6-8 mins or until the eggs are cooked to your liking. Serve with toast.


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Cookware for a Well-Stocked Kitchen


Pressure Cookers


Pressure cookers are an important tool for any cook. In today’s life, full of work, family activities, and social pressures, pressure cookers are especially useful in cutting down the amount of time spent in the kitchen. This guide to pressure cookers will tell you everything you need to know to understand these important appliances and choose the right one for your home

This guide will help you to enjoy and choose the right pressure cooker and leads to a complete
new section including safety tips, cooking tips and recipes.

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Article Source: Provided courtesy of Only Cookware - a resource for

 cast iron cookware and All Clad cookware sets


Celebrate the life and times of Scottish Poet Robert Burns with a Burns Supper on 25th January.

Traditional recipes to serve would be


Scotch Broth   to start  

 Haggis  served with 

Neeps n Tatties  

 Raspberry Cranachan  for dessert


All washed down with the "water of life"  - good Scottish whiskey



Food in the News . . . .


European GM crop cultivation leaps 77 per cent

The cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops in Europe has increased by 77 per cent in the past year, according to figures released yesterday by the biotech industry association EuropaBio.

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