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    Newsletter #15 - August 2003

Welcome to the third Recipes4us.co.uk free monthly newsletter.  If you have any suggestions for additions to this newsletter, or if you wish to submit a culinary related article,  please write to me at Newsletter@Recipes4us.co.uk .        


Happy Cooking ! 



Florence Sandeman, Editor

Food Funny

What did one tomato say to the other?

You go on ahead, I'll ketchup

We are very pleased to announce the opening of our new ONLINE SHOP. 

For the moment we are offering our own range of  mixed herbs/spices under our brand name Cuisine Select, available for purchase ONLY through this site or by mail order from Recipes4us. However, we hope to be offering other exclusive culinary related items in the near future. Unfortunately, due to customs restrictions we are unable to deliver to certain countries outside of the UK and Europe, but even if you live elsewhere, if you'd like to order any of our goods please contact us as we may be able to deliver to your country. Some of the packs make GREAT gifts!  Take a peek HERE

Reader's  questions



QCan I freeze Fennel?


A. Yes, you can freeze fennel. It's best to uses young stalks. Wash them well then plunge them into a large pan of boiling water for 3 minutes. Drain then plunge into iced water for a further 5 minutes to stop the cooking process. Drain well, pack into freezer bags and remove the air. Seal the bag and freeze. They should Keep up to 6 months.


  There's nothing to get into a pickle over

   Click the jars for lots of preserves recipes recipes


My dad has got strawberries coming out of his ears. We recently picked so many from his 5x3ft patch, it was impossible for 4 of us to eat them all in one go. My first thought was “homemade ice cream, Yum”. My second thought was “homemade jam YUM YUM”.


Unless you have an orchard of fruit trees or acres of land on which you grow vegetables, preserving may not be the first thing on your mind. However, with so many crops in season and the prices coming down in the stores, it’s an ideal time to make preserves. You don’t have to make gallons of the stuff either. Just 900g/2lb of summer produce will give you  up to 4 “normal” sized jars: a nice amount for the store- cupboard. But whilst you’re at it, why not make a couple of extras, tart the jars up a bit and give them as exclusive presents at Christmas.


Making jams and pickles is probably more simple than you think. You can make smaller quantities in ordinary saucepans and it’s basically just boiling

up fruit with sugar or pouring hot flavoured vinegar over vegetables.


Well, ok there are a couple of other things to take into consideration, but we’ve got a wealth of step by step recipes in the preserving section of this site. Oh, when I say step by step, I actually mean 5 steps in most instances ….. and two of those concern preparing or filling the jars.


And whilst you’re at it, why stop at jams and pickles. There’s jellies, chutneys, preserved fruit (cherries in brandy, spiced plums,  soft fruit in vodka!) ,  bottled vegetables (  how about homemade sun dried tomatoes or aubergines in olive oil) , herb infused oils, not forgetting marmalade and Lemon curd.  Or be different…make a Raspberry Curd! We've got a recipe for that too.


That’s the other really good thing about homemade preserves. You can make them to suit your own taste instead of having to put up with the ready made stuff which is often much the much.

Perhaps you prefer more cinnamon in your mincemeat,  or ginger in your chutney.  THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER (just none in the jam please).


Finally, a word about Freezer Jam.

Soft fruit such as Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries work well in uncooked freezer jam recipes.  The “set” is achieved by the addition of pectin which is dissolved in water then added to the crushed fruit. They’ll last for several weeks in a refrigerator and up to a year in the freezer. But beware,  kept at room temperature they will mold or ferment in a short time. 


So, even  if you don’t like the  idea of traditional jam-making, you can still have fresh tasting, homemade jam to show off to your friends and family.... and you know exactly what's in it!.


Think on - what could be more satisfying than serving your own homemade pickles (as sweet or as sour as YOU like) at Christmas with cold Turkey, or spiced peaches with the Ham. Exquisite.


Happy Jamming!

What's New This month


Cooking by Country


Click the picture to find out about Turkey's culinary culture and history, present day cooking and customs plus lots of recipe

Turkish cuisine is the result of century old  traditions plus an enormous variety of “home grown” produce, livestock and seafood made all the more possible due to the climatic/ geographical extremes within the country.


Also in this section, we give you comprehensive information  about a typical Turkish dish and a widely used ingredient 


The Turkish Speciality Dish   PILAV

The Turkish Speciality Ingredient   BULGUR WHEAT

Ingredient of the month



Click the picture to find out all about Juniper Berries  plus lots of recipes

The use of Juniper berries for medicinal purposes dates back to 1550BC and it is thought that its culinary use probably goes back just as far. Juniper berries were used as an aid to digestion and as a diuretic amongst other things so its inclusion in recipes not only gave food flavour but also aided various ailments.


They give Gin its distinctive flavour and whilst it's widely accepted that they go well with meat and game, they also enhance the flavour of certain fish such as salmon if used with discretion. We've thrown in a couple of Dessert recipes too.


Fruit and Vegetables in Season

Apples, Asparagus Pea, Aubergine,  Beetroot, Blackberries, Blackcurrants, Broad Beans, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery,  Courgettes, Cucumbers,  Damsons, Endive, Garlic, Green Beans, Leeks, Lettuce, Melons,  Mint,  Onions, Pears, Peas, Plums, Potatoes, Raspberries, Redcurrants, Runner Beans, Rocket,  Spinach,  Tomatoes, Turnips


Recipe of the Month


Plum Sorbet

A simple and refreshing dessert which captures the essence of late summer

Makes 1L/40fl.oz.


30 Minutes plus freezing 



900g/2lb Ripe Plums, stoned

175g/6oz Granulated Sugar

180ml/6fl.oz. Water

The juice and grated zest of 1/2 an Orange


1. Place all the ingredients in a saucepan, bring to the boil then reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the plums are very soft.


2. Allow to cool a little then transfer to a food processor and blend until smooth. Set aside to cool.


3. Pour the mixture into an ice-cream maker and freeze-churn for about 20 minutes or according to the manufacturer's instructions. Alternatively, pour into a rigid freezer-proof plastic box and freeze for 30 minutes until just beginning to set around the edges. Remove from the freezer, turn into a large mixing bowl and beat well with a whisk to break down the ice crystals. Return to the freezer container and freeze for a further 2-3 hours or until set.


It's not too late for a BBQ !


Visit our BBQ section for over 100 wonderful barbecue recipes. Starters, main course, accompaniments and deserts....all on the barbie!   


There's lots of picnic recipes too, in fact, all the recipes you'll ever need for al fresco eating this summer.



New Recipes      V = Vegetarian


Yoghurt Soup      V

Lambs Liver Pate

Turkish Bride Soup     V

Stuffed Vine Leaves    V

Olive Pitta    V



Soft Berry Freezer Jam    V

Bulgur and Vermicelli Pilav     V

Yoghurt with Cucumber     V

Shepherds Salad     V

Artichoke with Beans    V

Potato Pancakes With Juniper      V

Juniper Marinade for Meat      V

Dutch Red Cabbage      V

Spiced Crab Apples     V



Turkish Shortbread      V

Yoghurt Syrup Cake      V

Baklava     V

Ottoman Rice Pudding     V

Walnut Pumpkin Dessert     V

Turkish Delight

Oranges with Grand Marnier     V

Mulled Plums       V

Red Grapefruit Granita      V





Fish/ Vegetarian

Thai Red Fish Curry

Caribbean Spicy Grilled Tuna

Ambot Tik

Baked Anchovy Pilav

Swordfish Skewers

Poached Anchovies

Salmon with Juniper

Turbot in Red Wine

Aubergine Pilaf   V

Turkish Stuffed Peppers  V


Meat, Poultry & Game

Chicken Baffad

IC Pilav

Tavern Pilav

Baked Chicken with Peas

Turkish Liver

Turkish Braised Lamb

Lamb with Yoghurt and Aubergine Puree

Venison in Red Wine

Quail With Juniper and Gin 

Carbonnade of Wild Boar 

Game Pie

Pot Roasted Pork with Grapes

Rhineland Sauerbraten

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