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National Noodle Month and National Noodle Day

March is national Noodle Month and 6th October is National Noodle Day.



Although they are often associated with Asian cooking, in particular Chinese and Thai,  the term “noodle” covers a multitude of items, as the definition below proves:-

“A noodle is a thin strip of pasta, usually cut or extruded from some kind of dough. It is the basic unit in dishes like spaghetti, linguine, soba, and udon. The term often refers to moist, cooked pasta, since it has connotations of curviness and slipperiness, but also to dried noodles that must be reconstituted by boiling or soaking in water.”


Do you consider spaghetti as being a noodle ? In an attempt to clarify the matter here's another definition  of what a noodle is:-


"The main difference between noodles and  spaghetti is that, in addition to flour and water, noodles contain eggs or egg yolks. Noodles can be cut into flat, thick or thin strips of various lengths."

But according to the first definition, many noodles are round too.


Whatever your personal opinion of what noodles are, they are so versatile and readily available in some form or other throughout the world,   make a point of cooking some to celebrate National Noodle Month.


Below are just a few types of noodles you could use plus sample recipes for them all.

Cellophane noodles also known as glass noodles or bean vermicelli. They are a round dry transparent Asian noodle made from mung bean starch. Very good in soups and hot pots.  

Sample recipe:   Phad Thai

Asian Rice noodles. A flat noodle which is available fresh, frozen, or dried and suitable for people with gluten free allergies. 

Sample Recipe   Mohinga

Japanese Udon noodles. A thickish round wheat-flour noodle often served in a broth or chilled with various toppings and a strong dipping sauce.

Sample recipe:   Udon Salad

Italian Egg noodles such as Tagliatelle or fettuccine . A flat wheat-based noodle used in many dishes, usually with a sauce as a main course.

Sample recipe:   Four Cheese Fettucine

Japanese Soba noodles. Another round noodle made with buckwheat, One again, excellent in broths or chilled with toppings and a dipping sauce.

Sample Recipe:  Chilled Soba Noodles

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Lochshen. These are flat egg noodles used in Eastern European and Jewish cuisine in dishes such as Kugel.     

Sample recipe:   Apple and Cinnamon Kugel



Why not try making your own with the aid of these specialist kitchenware items  






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