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Meals in Minutes

A large collection of quick main course recipes


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Or to be precise, meals in 20 minutes or under. For those occasions when you just don't have the time (or energy).   No marinating, chilling or cooling - just a straight 20 minutes . . . . or less . . . . . from start to finish.  And with many fresh  vegetables only taking a few minutes to cook, you can have a complete, balanced, freshly cooked  meal ... in minutes!


We also have a wonderful section which will help you to plan your weekday menus in advance which also features complete menus which can be prepared in less than 45 minutes.


Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      SP = Soup      HD = Starter      MC = Main Course  ACC = Accompaniment      DP = Dessert/Pudding     CBF = Cakes/Baked Fayre


Quick Fish Main Course Recipes

Piquant Smoked Mackerel Salad  CD  MC  10mins     New!   June  2008

Caribbean Spicy Grilled Tuna   HT  MC   W Indian   15mins   July 2003

Grilled Mackerel with Herbs   HT  MC   15mins        

Herring with Mustard   HT  MC    15mins

Salmon with Minted Yoghurt  HT  CD   MC   15mins      

Snapper with Mango Sauce     HT   MC   Mexican   15mins     December 2002

Tunisian Snapper    HT  MC  Tunisian  15mins        March  2006

Brill Fillets on Wilted Spinach     HT   MC   Thai  20mins      

Fish and Chips     HT  MC  English  20mins      

Flounder in Lemon Dill Sauce     HT   MC   20min

Fried Fish With Kiwifruit    HT  MC 20mins      April  2006

Grilled Sea Bass with Anchovy Dressing    HT   MC   20mins    February 2004

Haddock with Beetroot Sauce     HT  MC  20mins

Mackerel with Gingered Gooseberries  HT  MC  English  20mins   New!   June  2008

Nut Crusted Halibut     HT  MC  20mins    December  2003

Poached Anchovies       HT   MC   Turkish   20mins      August 2003

Salmon with White Chocolate Sauce    HT  MC  20mins       New!   March  2008

Savoury Cod Cutlets     CD     MC    20mins

Scottish Herring in Oatmeal   HT   MC  British    20mins       

Sea Bass with Chives    HT   MC   20mins      April 2003

Simmered Flat Fish     HT   MC   Japanese   20mins     October  2002

Sole Meuniere     HT     MC    20mins

Thai Red Fish Curry   HT MC Thai 20mins      July 2003

Trout with Pickled Dill Cucumber        HT   MC   20mins

Wrapped Steamed Halibut     HT   MC    20mins   

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Quick Shellfish & Seafood Main Course Recipes

Belgian Mussels    HT  MC  Belgian   15mins June 2003

Cantonese Lobster   HT   MC   Chinese 15mins

Chargrilled Langoustine  HT   MC  15mins        

Hon Shemeji and Prawn Stir-Fry    HT   MC   Japanese 15mins      

Prawn Celeste      HT  MC  15mins

Prawns Newburg       HT  MC  15mins

Scallops with Wilted Spinach     HT  Chinese  MC  15mins

Seafood Cataplana     HT  MC  Portuguese  15mins       October  2004

Seafood Salad with Vanilla Mayonnaise   CD   MC   15mins    October  2002

Coconut Fried Prawns    HT   MC  20mins      July 2002 

Crab and Aubergine Salad    CD  MC  20mins         New!   June  2008

Crab with Ginger, Onion and Garlic     HT  Chinese  MC  20mins

Egyptian Spiced Prawns    HT  MC   Egyptian   20mins        February 2007

Grilled Lobster     HT     MC    20mins

Grilled Scallops Provencal   HT  MC  20mins

King Prawn Salad     CD  MC  Myanmar   20mins     September  2004

Korean Stir-fried Squid     HT  MC  Korean  20mins           September   2005

Malagache Lobster with Rice     HT  MC  Madagascan   20mins       May  2004

Malaysian Noodles      HT  MC  Malaysian  20mins         April  2005

Prawn Balls    HT  MC  Vietnamese  30mins    March 2003

Spiced Grilled Prawns    HT  MC  20mins      October   2007

Squid with Dandelion     HT  MC  Myanmar  20mins          September  2004

Stir fried Yabbies with Ginger    HT  MC  Australian  20mins           June   2005

Summer Prawn Stir Fry    HT  MC  20mins    New!   June  2008

Warwick Crayfish Savoury     HT  MC  English  20mins    April  2007



Quick Pasta Main Course Recipes

Linguine with Red Onion Sauce   Veg   HT   MC   20mins

Macaroni Cheese   Veg  HT    MC  20mins

Creamed Rigatoni   Veg  HT   MC   20mins

Conchiglie with Gorgonzola   Veg  HT   MC     Italian 20mins

Conchiglie with Tiger Prawns   HT   MC  20mins

Eliche alla Cipolle   HT   MC   20mins

Fettuccine with Prawn Sauce   HT   MC     20mins

Foil bake Linguine with Seafood  HT   MC    20min

Garlic & Mushroom Pasta   Veg  HT    MC   20mins

Leek and Bacon Pasta    HT  MC  20mins     New!   August   2008 

Linguine with Garlic Olive Oil    Veg   HT  MC  Italian   20mins     

Linguine with Prawns     HT   MC   20mins

Malaysian Noodles    HT  MC  Malaysian  20mins 

Mushroom Penne with Chestnuts  Veg  HT  MC  20mins 

Porcini Pasta   Veg  HT   MC    20mins

Rigatoni with Ricotta   Veg  HT  MC    Italian    20mins

Spaghetti alla Carbonara   HT   MC    Italian    20mins       

Spaghetti with Garlic & Anchovies   HT   MC   20 mins

Tagliatelle with Tuna   HT   MC     20mins

Tagliatelle with White Truffles    Veg  HT  MC  Italian   20mins  



Quick Chicken, Poultry and Game Main Course Recipes

Alligator & Kangaroo

Kangaroo Escalopes with Anchovy    HT   MC   10mins plus chilling        

Alligator Medallions with Mustard Sauce      HT  MC  15mins        

Cajun Style Gator Tail      HT  MC  Creole  15mins                  

Crocodile Fillets with Rosemary Sauce    HT  MC  15mins 

Kangaroo Fillet Steaks with Cream Sauce    HT  MC   15mins           

Kangaroo Steak with Mushroom Sauce    HT   MC   20mins           

Scallopini of Alligator    HT   MC  20mins


Chicken, Duck & Ostrich

Coronation Chicken   CD     MC     British     10mins       

Chicken Tempura   HT  MC   Japanese   15mins

Ostrich Feta Burgers     HT  MC   15mins     

Ostrich Steaks with Apples    HT  MC  British  15mins

Chicken with Bean Sprouts    HT  Chinese  MC  20mins     

Malaysian Noodles    HT  MC  Malaysian  20mins     

Ostrich Steak Diane     HT   MC   20mins    

Salisbury Ostrich Steak    HT  MC   20mins         



Liz's Venison and Vegetable Stir Fry    HT  MC  15mins 

Venison Medallions with Stilton     HT  MC  British  15mins        

Normandy Venison Medallions     HT   MC   French   20mins        


Quick Meat Main Course Recipes

Quick Beef & Veal Main Courses

Corned Beef Fritters   HT  MC  English  15mins   

Pesto Veal Cutlets    HT  MC  15mins      New!   July 2008

Szechuan Beef       HT   Chinese   MC   15mins   

Wiener Schnitzel   HT  MC  Austrian  15mins

Beef in Whisky Sauce    HT  MC  Scottish  20mins                   

Corned Beef Hash   HT  MC  20mins

Crispy Szechuan Beef       HT  Chinese   MC   20mins

Egyptian Kofta    HT  MC  20mins plus chilling     February 2007 

Lo Mein Beef        HT  Chinese   MC   20mins

Mustard Steaks    HT  MC  English  20mins       New!   July  2008

Peppered Steak   HT  MC   20mins

Red Flannel Hash      HT  MC  N. American   20mins

Roquefort Steaks    HT  MC  20mins        New!   October  2008

Steak with Balsamic Prune Sauce     HT  MC  20mins           

Stilton Steaks   HT  MC  British  20mins     

Tikka Kabab      HT  CD  MC  Pakistani  20mins   


Quick Lamb Main Courses

Chili Lamb with Mint      HT  MC  Vietnamese   15mins     

Cajun Lamb    HT  MC  Cajun  20mins   

Kiwi Lamb Skewers     HT  MC  BBQ  20mins plus marinating     April  2006

Lamb Steaks with a Herb Crust    HT  MC  20mins    April  2008

Lamb with Green Butter Balls    HT  MC  20mins

Spiced Lamb Kofta with Yogurt    HT  MC  20mins       New!   August  2008

Stir Fried Lamb with Onions    HT   Chinese   MC  20mins


Quick Offal Main Courses

Fried Liver and Bacon    HT MC  15mins

Turkish Liver      HT  MC  Turkish  15mins 

Braised Chicken Livers    HT  MC  20mins    New!    October   2008 

Calves Liver with Apple    HT  MC  20mins      New!    August   2008

Calves Liver with Onions     HT MC  20mins

Devilled Kidneys    HT  MC  20mins

Foie en Meurette    HT  MC  French   20mins         

Liver and Bacon Brochettes    HT MC  Swiss  20mins


Quick Pork & Bacon Main Courses

Eggs Benedict      HT   British   15mins       

Butano Shogayaki     HT   MC   Japanese 20mins

Epping Sausage     HT  MC  English  20mins

Frankfurters with Horseradish Sauce     HT   MC   20mins

Leek and Bacon Pasta    HT  MC  20mins     New!   August   2008 

Malaysian Noodles    HT  MC  Malaysian  20mins

Pork with Bamboo Shoot   HT   Chinese   MC   20mins

Pork with Water Chestnuts     HT   Chinese   MC  20mins

Pork with Peanut     HT  MC   20min

Savoury Pork Chops    HT  MC  20mins

Souvlaki       HT   MC  Greek   20mins     

Stir-fried Kiwi Pork    HT  MC  20mins    




Quick Salad Main Course Recipes

Goat Cheese Salad with Blueberries  Veg  CD  MC  10mins    

Raw Salmon and Ginger Salad    CD    MC  10mins

Prune Tomato and Feta Salad     Veg  CD  MC  15mins      

Italian Fennel Salad       CD    MC     Italian     15mins

Frisee and Pancetta Salad     CD   MC     20mins

Haddock, Bean & Egg Salad      CD   MC  English   20mins       

Roast Veal Salad    CD    MC    English      20mins          



Quick Vegetarian Main Course Recipes

Pepper Frittata (Flat Omelette)    Veg  HT  MC  Italian 10mins

Deep Fried Eggs      Veg   HT   MC  15mins

Jack Rarebit    Veg  HT  MC  15mins       New!  July 2008

Macaroni Cheese    Veg   HT   MC  English    15mins

Provolone Frittata (Omelete)    Veg   HT   MC  15mins       

Spinach Frittata (Flat Omelette)    Veg   HT   MC   15mins  

Tofu with Satay Sauce and Noodles  Veg  HT   MC  Japanese  15mins      

Welsh Rarebit    Veg   HT  MC   British  15mins    

Cheese and Basil Flower Omelette    Veg  HT  MC  20mins      March  2008       

Cheesy Fiddlehead Omelette   Veg  HT  MC  Canadian  20mins

Chili Omelette     Veg   HT   MC   20mins 

Chive Flower Omelette   Veg  HT  MC  20mins        March  2008

Gingered Garlic Tofu    Veg   HT   MC  20mins 

Minature Courgette Omelettes      Veg   HT   MC   20mins

Quorn with Black Beans    Veg   HT   MC   20mins 

Spinach and Feta Omelet     Veg   HT  MC  20mins 

Stilton Topped Mushrooms  Veg  HT  MC   English    20mins     

Sumatran Eggs      Veg  HT  MC  Indonesian  20mins



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