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Lamb Main Course Recipes

A large collection of Lamb Main Course Recipes


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Remember !  If you have specific requirements,  use the search form  on the SEARCH PAGE to find all the available  recipes  e.g.  +ht  +mc  +leg  +lamb  +Coriander   will  find you a hot main course, containing   leg of lamb and coriander e.g. Roast Lamb with Yoghurt . Listed by Preparation time



Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      SP = Soup      HD = Starter      MC = Main Course  ACC = Accompaniment      DP = Dessert/Pudding     CBF = Cakes/Baked Fayre


* Denotes A Weekday Menu Recipe


Lamb Main Course recipes prepared in 30 minutes and under

Colonial Goose    HT  MC  Australian   See timing in recipe    

* Chili Lamb with Mint      HT  MC  Vietnamese   15mins      March 2003

* Cajun Lamb    HT  MC  Cajun  20mins      April  2005

* Kiwi Lamb Skewers     HT  MC  BBQ  20mins plus marinating     April  2006

* Lamb Steaks with a Herb Crust    HT  MC  20mins          April  2008

Lamb with Green Butter Balls    HT  MC  20mins plus marinating

Spiced Lamb Kofta with Yogurt    HT  MC  20mins        August  2008

* Stir Fried Lamb with Onions     HT   Chinese   MC  20mins

Albanian Meatballs     HT  MC  25mins      New!   May 2009

Chocolate Lamb Cutlets    HT  MC  25mins      March  2008

* Lamb Cutlets with Mango    HT  MC  25mins       June  2008

* Lamb Cutlets with Pesto    HT  MC  25mins         April  2008

* Lemon Lamb Chops with Capers    HT  MC  25mins      August  2008

Turkish Lamb Chops     HT  MC  Turkish  25mins      

* Garlic Lamb Chops    HT  MC  30mins            June  2008

Indian Lamb Steaks     HT  MC  Indian  30mins  

Kebapcheta     HT  MC  Bulgarian  30mins plus marinating     March  2004

Lamb Chops with Olives    HT  MC  Spanish  30mins      April  2008

* Lamb with Basil Sauce         HT  MC  30mins

* Lamb coated in Spinach and Potato    HT  MC  30mins

Lamb Steaks with Thyme     HT  MC  30mins plus marinating

Oriental Lamb Noisettes     HT  MC  30mins

Shashlik    HT  MC  Russian  30mins plus marinating     December  2004

Turkish Lamb Kebabs     HT   MC  Turkish   30mins plus marinating

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Lamb Main Course recipes prepared in 35 - 60 minutes 

* Crusted Lamb Chops    HT  MC  35mins           August  2008

Devilled Lamb Cutlets    HT  MC  English  35mins plus marinating       May 2003

* Keema Karahi     HT   MC   Pakistani   35mins   September 2002

Lamb Fritters    HT  MC  35mins          February 2008

* Lamb Provencal          HT   MC  French   35mins

* Sesame Teriyaki Lamb Cutlets    HT  MC  35mins         June  2008

Kentish Cutlets    HT  MC  English  40mins      August  2008

Skewered Mixed Grill       HT   MC   40mins

* Lamb and Aubergine Patties    HT  MC  40mins         August  2008

Lamb Pilaf     HT   MC  M. Eastern  40mins

* Lamb with Garlic and Sweet Potatoes     HT  MC    40mins

Medallions of Lamb with Lime      HT  MC     40mins

Ottoman Pilaf    HT  MC  Middle Eastern  40mins       February 2008

* Pan-Fried Lamb with Parmesan         HT  MC    40mins

* Spiced Shish Kebabs    HT  MC  Egyptian  40mins      February 2008

* Lamb and Courgette Bake     HT  MC   M. Eastern     45mins

Lamb with Green Beans     HT  MC   45mins

Lamb with Yoghurt and Aubergine Purée    HT  MC  Turkish   50mins    August 2003

Minty Meatballs     HT   MC   50mins

* Parsleyed Rack of Lamb     HT  MC  50mins

Dundee Marmalade Cutlets    HT  MC  Scottish  55mins          November   2006

Lamb and Raspberry Parcels       HT   MC   55mins    June  2002

Cotes d'agneau a la Villeroi     HT   MC   French     60mins

Fillet of Lamb with Rosemary   HT   MC   60mins plus marination

Greek Lamb Casserole     HT   MC   Greek     60mins

Shepherd's Pie     HT  MC   British   60mins

Summer Lamb Casserole   HT  MC  English    60mins                


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Lamb Main Course recipes prepared in 65 - 90 minutes

Agneau Champvallon     HT  MC   French 70mins

Cajun Lamb with Rice     HT  MC   Caribbean     70min

Tavern Pilav      HT  MC  Turkish   70mins     August 2003

Antipodean Lamb Pie     HT  MC   Australian 75mins

Aubergines with Minty Lamb         HT  MC   75mins

Lahm Lhalou     HT  MC  Algerian  75mins   New!   May 2010

Lamb Couscous     HT   MC  Moroccan   75mins   June  2002

Lamb Cutlets en Croute     HT  MC   75mins

Lamb in Filo     HT  MC  Greek     75mins

Agneau a la Paysanne     HT  MC   French    80mins

Lamb Fricassee     HT  MC  80mins

Arnaki Fricassee me Maroulia    HT  MC  Greek   85mins  August   2002

Lamb with spinach     HT  MC  Mauritian   85mins     January 2003

Mutton Biryani     HT  MC  Pakistani   85mins  September 2002

Abbacchio alla Cacciatore     HT  MC  Italian    90mins

Gloucestershire Squab Pie   HT   MC   English    90mins           

Lamb with Figs     HT   MC  90mins

Lamb with Peas     HT   MC     90mins

Lemon Lamb    HT  MC  Egyptian  90mins plus marinating    February 2007

Spiced Lamb with Potatoes       HT   MC   Moroccan   90mins    June 2003

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Lamb Main Course recipes prepared in Over 90 minutes

Lamb with a Minted Crust     HT  MC   100mins

Lamb Lentil Curry    HT  MC   West Indian   100mins     May  2002        

Tunisian Lamb Couscous    HT  MC  Tunisian  100mins        March  2006

Cotswolds Squab Pie     HT    MC    British     105mins           

Sardinian Leg of Lamb     HT  MC   Italian      105mins

Navarin of Lamb     HT    MC     French     110mins

Apricot Stuffed Lamb     HT    MC     120mins

Basque Lamb Stew    HT  MC  Spanish   120mins     March 2002

Breast of Lamb Casserole     HT   MC   120mins

Caribbean Carbonade of Lamb     HT   MC    Caribbean     120mins

Karjalanpaisti - Finnish Hot Pot   HT   MC   Finland 120mins    January 2002

Kleftiko     HT  MC  Greek  120mins     August  2007

Lamb in Red Wine   HT  MC  120mins      October  2007

Lamb Paprikash     HT   MC   Hungarian   120mins      November 2002

Lamb stuffed with Dates     HT   MC   120mins

Mocha Lamb Casserole    HT  MC  120mins      March  2008

Roast Leg of Lamb     HT   MC    120mins

Venetian Lamb     HT  MC   Italian     120mins

Turkish Braised Lamb      HT  MC  Turkish  125mins    August 2003

Braised Lamb with Rhubarb   HT   MC   130mins    April  2002        

Fijian Curry   HT  MC  Fijian   130mins         February  2004

French Leg of Lamb     HT   MC    French   130mins

Oregano Braised Lamb        HT  MC  130mins      July 2004

Lamb Stuffed with Orange and Dates   HT   MC    Middle East    135mins

Lancashire Hotpot     HT  MC   British   135mins

Moussaka     HT   MC   Greek    135mins

Mutton Porkolt With Cabbage     HT   MC   Hungarian   135mins     November 2002

Beckenoffe     HT  MC  German    140mins

Boiled Leg of Lamb    HT  MC   Irish   140mins  

Persian Meat Stew     HT  MC  Iranian   140mins     April  2002        

Pot Roasted Lamb with Sweet Potatoes    HT  MC  140mins      October  2007

Gigot Bordelaise     HT   MC  French   150mins

Irish Stew     HT  MC   Irish   150mins

Braised Lamb Shanks   HT  MC  160mins  January 2002

Cape Malay Lamb Curry        HT  MC   South African     160mins    September 2003 

Lamb and Apricot Tagine     HT  MC   Moroccan   170mins   June  2002

Lamb Shank Tagine    HT   MC   Moroccan   180mins     June  2002        

Neck of Lamb Potjie    HT  MC  South African   180mins     September 2003 

Mrouziya     HT   MC   Moroccan   200mins   June  2002        

Roast Lamb with Yoghurt     HT  MC     215mins plus marinating

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Key techniques required to make this recipe

Chop to – To cut into pieces of approximately the same size.
Slice to -  To cut food, such as bread, meat, fish or vegetables, into flat pieces of varying thickness.


Freezing/Make ahead


Tips, Options and Substitutions




Main equipment required to make this Recipe


Chopping Knife


Wooden or Plastic Spoon


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