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General preparation and cooking times for Lamb


Cuts of Lamb


General Preparation of Lamb


Always rinse raw meat under cold running water then dry well on kitchen paper.


It has become popular to trim all fat from various cuts of meat, both at the point of sale and in the home, however, we would recommend not doing so until after cooking has taken place as the fat adds enormously to both the cooking  process and the taste.


The same goes for adding salt and other flavourings. Whilst the old saying about “one always being able to add salt but not being able to take it out”  is true (there’s nothing worse than over salty food) , the taste of lamb, as with all foods, is enhanced by seasoning before and during cooking.  Adding salt afterwards doesn’t produce the same taste.


Basting during cooking is advantageous though not always absolutely necessary.




Roasting Lamb


Suitable cuts: 

                        Boned and rolled Breast,

                        Whole or half Leg

                        Whole or half Shoulder


                        Best End Neck



Allowances:  225-350g/ 8-12oz per person (with bone)

                        175-250g/ 6-9oz per person (without bone)


Cooking time:           

Quick Roasting -  200C, 400F, Gas mark 6

20-30 minutes per 450g/1lb  plus an extra 20 minutes


Slow Roasting   -  180C, 350F, Gas mark 4

35 minutes per 450g/1lb plus an extra 35 minutes


NB   When using a covered tin or wrapping in foil, increase the cooking time by 20-30 minutes.


Grilling Lamb

Always preheat the grill before cooking commences.


Suitable cuts:           


                        Loin Chops

                        Leg Steaks


Allowances:  2-3 Cutlets per person

                        1-2 Loin Chops per person

                        1 Leg Steak


Cooking time:           

3-4 minutes per side under a hot grill then reduce the heat and continue to cook for an extra 3-6 minutes per side.


Shallow Frying Lamb


Suitable cuts:           


                        Loin Chops

                        Leg Steaks



Allowances:  2-3 Cutlets per person

                        1-2 Loin Chops per person

                        1 Leg Steak per person

                        100-200g/4-8oz Fillet per person


Cooking time:           

3-4 minutes per side over a high heat, then reduce the heat and continue to cook for an extra 3-6 minutes per side.


Boiling, Casseroling or Stewing


Suitable cuts:           

                        Breast (boned and rolled)

                        Middle Neck

                        Scrag End Neck


Allowances: 225-350g/8-12oz per person depending on the amount of bone.


Cooking time:       

1 ˝ -2 ˝  hours or more depending on the recipe



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Key techniques required to make this recipe

Chop to – To cut into pieces of approximately the same size.
Slice to -  To cut food, such as bread, meat, fish or vegetables, into flat pieces of varying thickness.


Freezing/Make ahead


Tips, Options and Substitutions




Main equipment required to make this Recipe


Chopping Knife


Wooden or Plastic Spoon


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