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Ginger Recipes

A collection of recipes using all types of ginger

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Below is a selection of the many recipes on this site using both fresh, preserved and ground ginger. If none of these take your fancy, use the search form to find more.


How to Buy and Prepare Fresh Ginger  (video)



Soups and Starter Recipes using Ginger

Carrot and Ginger Soup    HT  SP  40mins

Minted Watermelon Soup with Ginger    Veg  CD  SP  10mins plus chilling

Chinese Fried Scallops     HT  HD   15mins

Honey Grilled Scallops    HT  HD  15mins plus marinating

Gingered Prawn and Kiwi Brochettes   HT  HD  BBQ  20mins plus marinating

Spicy Chicken Wings   HT   BBQ   HD  20mins plus marinating

Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup  HT  Chi  25mins

Sweet Ale Soup    Veg  HT  SP  Belgian  30mins

Tod Man Plaa (fish cakes)   HT   HD   PFC   Thai   30mins

Chicken Teriyaki Appetisers    HT  HD  40mins plus marinating

Papaya Soup    Veg  HT  CD  SP  Tahitian  40mins

Mohinga 2    HT  SP  MC  Myanmar  45min

Chicken Pho    HT  SP  Vietnamese  60mins plus marinating

Coconut Lentil Soup    Veg  HT  SP  60mins

Mezgaldi of Onions    Veg  HT  HD  Moroccan  60mins plus marinating

Petis    HT  Indian  HD  60mins plus chilling

Lanark Poached Pears    Veg  HT  HD  Scottish  70mins plus cooling

Spiced Carrot Soup    Veg  HT  CD  SP  70mins

Beef Pho    HT  SP  Vietnamese  4 hours


Ginger Fish, Seafood and Shellfish Recipes

Caribbean Spicy Grilled Tuna    HT  MC  W Indian  15mins

Gingered Monkfish in Soy Sauce    HT Chinese MC  15mins plus marination

Marinated Salmon Fillets     HT  BBQ  MC  15mins plus marination

Glazed Swordfish    HT  MC  15mins plus marinating

Crab with Ginger, Onion and Garlic        HT  Chinese  MC  20mins

Spiced Grilled Prawns    HT  MC  20mins

Malagache Lobster with Rice    HT  MC  Madagascan  20mins

Stir fried Yabbies with Ginger    HT  MC  Australian  20mins

Swordfish with Ginger       HT  MC  20mins

Thai Red Fish Curry    HT  MC  Thai  20mins

Bali Squid    HT  MC  Indonesian  25mins

Borneo Style Prawns    HT  MC  Indonesian  25mins

Cajun Cod    HT  MC  Cajun  25mins

Fried Red Snapper    HT  MC  West Indian  25mins

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Sea Bass Parcels        HT   Chinese   MC   25mins

Indonesian Fish Cakes    HT  MC  Indonesian  30mins plus marinating

Kiwi Fish Curry    HT  MC  30mins

Malay Grilled Fish    HT  MC  Malaysian  30mins plus marinating

Maple Ginger Salmon    HT  MC  30mins plus marinating

Salt Fish Rougaille    HT  MC  Mauritian  30mins plus soaking

Snapper with Crisp Vegetables    HT  MC  35mins

Squid with Vegetables       HT   MC   35mins

Crayfish Salad    CD  MC  South African  50mins plus cooling

Snapper Crillo    HT  MC  Venezuelan  60mins

Gingered Tout with Mango    HT  MC  West Indian  65mins



Meat & Offal Main Course Recipes using Ginger

Skewered Pork with Ginger   HT  MC  Chinese 15mins

Stir-fried Kiwi Pork    HT  MC  20mins

Beef with Ginger and Bok Choy   HT  Chinese  MC  25mins plus marination

Beef with Kiwi Sauce    HT  MC  25mins

Lamb Tikka Kebab    HT  Indian  MC  25mins plus marinating

Spiced Beef Sate    HT  MC  Indonesian  25mins plus cooling

Spicy Liver    HT  MC Indonesian  25mins

Fillet of Beef Teriyaki      HT   MC   Japanese  30mins

Lambs Liver Chinese Style    HT  MC  Chinese  30mins

Oriental Lamb Noisettes    HT  MC  30mins

Black Pudding Rougaille    HT  MC  Mauritian  40mins

Soy Pork    HT  MC   40mins

Spiced Shish Kebabs    HT  MC  Egyptian  40mins

Dundee Marmalade Cutlets    HT  MC  Scottish  55mins

Lamb Korma    HT  Indian  MC  60mins

Pork And Pumpkin Stew    HT  MC  Myanmar  80mins plus marinating

Lamb with spinach    HT  MC  Mauritian  85mins

Red-Cooked Lamb     HT  Chinese  MC  90mins

Lamb Lentil Curry    HT  MC  West Indian  100mins

Roghan Gosht         HT   Indian   MC   120mins plus marinating

Moroccan Beef Stew    HT  MC  Moroccan  125mins

Kurzi Lamb    HT  MC  Indian  130mins plus marinating

Ginger and Treacle Beef Stew    HT  MC  180mins

Lamb Shank Tagine    HT  MC  Moroccan  180mins


Ginger Poultry Main Course Recipes

Duck with Almonds    HT  Chinese  MC  15mins plus

Oriental Salad    CD  MC  15mins plus cooling

Szechuan Chicken with Cashews    HT  Chinese  MC  15mins plus

Satay Duck    HT  MC  20mins plus marinating

Stir-fried Hoisin Chicken    HT  Chinese  MC  20mins plus marinating

Mixed Mushroom & Ginger Stir Fry    HT  MC  25mins   New!   January 2009

Gingered Chicken Kebabs      HT  BBQ  MC  30mins plus marinating

Sesame Chicken    HT  Chinese  MC  30mins plus marinating

Turkey Ginger Stir Fry    HT  MC  30mins    New!   October   2008

Honey Duck Breasts with Lavender    HT  MC  35mins plus marinating

Soy Lemon Chicken with Ginger     HT  MC  35mins

Chicken Bacon Burgers    HT  MC  40mins

Cidered Chicken     HT   MC  British 45mins

Chicken with Garlic and Ginger    HT  MC  Madagascan  55mins

Chicken Kalya    HT  MC  Mauritian  70mins plus marinating

Grilled Miso Chicken    HT  MC  Japanese  90mins

Malay Chicken Curry  HT  MC  Malaysian  90mins


Accompaniments and Side dish Recipes using Ginger

Pickled Pink Ginger Recipe

Marrow and Ginger Chutney

Kiwifruit Dressing    Veg  CD  ACC  5mins

Oriental Barbecue Marinade      Veg  CD  BBQ  ACC  5mins

Oriental Ginger Dressing    Veg  CD  ACC  5mins

Ginger Dipping Sauce   CD  ACC  Vietnamese  10mins

Ginger Pineapple Salsa      Veg   CD    ACC  20mins plus standing

Sweet Potato Rosti       Veg  HT   ACC Caribbean  20mins

Achards de Legumes    Veg  CD  ACC  25mins plus cooling

Garlic Asparagus with Ginger    Veg  HT  ACC  25mins

Gingered Swede    Veg  HT  ACC  English  25mins

Gingered Turnips    Veg  HT  ACC  25mins

Stir-Fried Noodles    HT  ACC  25mins

Fried Green Beans with Coconut    Veg  HT  ACC  30mins

Spicy Noodle Salad    CD A CC  30mins

Szechuan Aubergine    Veg  HT  Chinese  ACC  30mins

Pickled Prunes      Veg  CD  ACC British  35mins plus soaking

Aloo Gobi       Veg   HT   Indian   ACC   35mins

Pea Pilau Rice      Veg   HT  ACC  35mins

Spiced Coconut Sweet Potato    Veg  HT  ACC  Myanmar  35mins

Gingered Figs    Veg  HT  ACC  45mins

Noodles with Black Bean Sauce    Veg  HT  Chinese  ACC  45mins

Buddha Rice    Veg  HT  ACC  Vietnamese  50mins

Crispy Noodles with Aubergine    Veg  HT  Chinese  ACC  60mins

Kiwifruit Ginger Spiced Squash    Veg  HT  ACC  55min

Crispy Noodles with Aubergine    Veg   HT Chinese   ACC   60mins


Ginger Dessert Recipes

Ginger Syllabub     Veg  CD  DP  English  10mins         New!   August  2008

Toffee Sauce    Veg    HT    ACC    10mins

Bananas with Ginger Sauce    Veg  HT  DP  15mins

Gingered Chocolate Lychees    Veg  CD  15mins plus standing and chilling

Gingered Pineapple    Veg  HT  DP  15mins

Spiced Pear Trifle     Veg    CD    DP    British  15mins

Coconut Ginger Tapioca Pudding    Veg  HT  DP  20mins plus standing

Ginger Ice Cream    Veg   CD   DP  20mins plus freezing

Spiced Oranges    Veg  CD  DP  Egyptian  20mins plus chilling

Butterscotch Tart    Veg  CD  DP  English  30mins plus cooling

Chilli Poached Pears    Veg  CD  DP  30mins plus cooling

Pashka    Veg  CD  DP  Russian   35mins plus chilling

Ginger Key Lime Pie    Veg  CD  DP  40mins plus cooling

Pear and Ginger Pudding    Veg  HT  DP  60mins

Plum Spice Cake    Veg  HT  DP  70mins

Sweet Potato Cheesecake    Veg  CD  DP  100mins

Steamed Ginger Pudding     Veg    HT   DP  105mins

Ginger Damson Pudding    Veg  HT  DP  English  125mins

Ginger Plum Pudding    Veg  HT  DP  English  125mins


Ginger Cakes and Bakes Recipes

Brandy Snaps     Veg   CD  CBF   25mins

Gluten Free Gingersnaps     Veg  CD CBF  25mins

Ginger and Date Scones    Veg  CD  CBF  30mins

Gingernut Biscuits     Veg  CD  CBF  30mins

Mummy Crisps Rich Gingerbread    CD  CBF  50mins

Date and Ginger Cake    Veg  CD  CBF  55mins

Grantham White Gingerbread    Veg  CD  CBF  English  60mins

Moggy    Veg  CD  CBF  English  60mins

Molasses Cake    Veg  CD  CBF  West Indian  60mins

Gluten Free Ginger Pudding    HT  CD  Veg  65mins

Apple Gingerbread    Veg  CD  CBF  Scottish  75mins

Gingerbread     CD  CBF   75mins

Tahitian Sweet Bread     Veg  CD  CBF  Tahitian  75mins

Sweet Bread    Veg  CD  CBF  Portuguese  90mins plus proving

Irish Barm Brack    Veg  CD  CBF  British  190mins



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