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General Kitchen Equipment For Students

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This is  part III of a series of articles offering advice to students on subjects such as cooking on a budget,  shopping for food, store-cupboard staples,  cooking tips,  kitchen equipment,  basic kitchen and food hygiene plus lots of easy, nutritious and delicious recipes which won’t break the bank.


So, you now have your kitchen stocked up with the essential cooking equipment which will enable you to start preparing meals.  The next step is to buy the food…. or is it?

There’s more to cooking than just utensils and ingredients. No matter how careful you are, there are going to be spills, leftover food and the dreaded washing up. Below is a list of non-food items you should get straight off:-

Essential General Kitchen Items for Students

  Washing up liquid - unless you're lucky enough to have a dishwasher in which case you'll need dishwasher liquid or tabs
Cleaning liquids or Creams - such as Ajax or Jif - essential for keeping clean work surfaces, cookers and floors. We recommend one cream  type suitable for cookers/counter-tops and and one liquid type suitable for floors.
Scourers and washing up sponges/brushes - you will be faced with a myriad or scourers, pads and brushes to choose from. We recommend you buy the duel sponge/scourers plus a small brush
Disposable Kitchen cloths - such as J-Cloths. Essential for wiping up spills and cleaning down surfaces and cheap enough to throw away after a few uses. Supermarkets own brands are cheaper.
At least two Tea Towels - for drying utensils and crockery. You can often find economical "bundles" which include a range of towels and other cloths.
Kitchen Rolls (paper towels)  - the hygienic way to dry foods such as vegetables and meats which have been washed. Yes you DO HAVE TO rinse many foods before cooking them.
Aluminium Foil  - great for lining grill pans, wrapping sandwiches or foods for storage  and cooking, especially in the oven.
Clingfilm   - good for air tight wrapping of sandwiches or foods for storage especially for covering dishes. Get a multi-purpose one which can also be used in the microwave. 
Oven Gloves  -  not only essential for removing things from the oven but also for holding other hot items such as pan handles. If you are buying the mitt type (as shown) buy two - one for each hand !

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