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Game Birds, Hare, Rabbit, Emu  & Ostrich Recipes

A collection of small game & game bird recipes


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Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold          MC = Main Course 

* Denotes a A Weekday Menu Recipe



Game Bird Recipes    

Pheasant with Pancetta     HT     MC    30mins

Quails on Mushrooms     HT    MC     30mins

Quail With Juniper and Gin      HT   MC   English   35mins        August 2003

* Guinea Fowl with Roasted Capsicum     HT    MC   40mins

Grouse with Pear Sauce    HT   MC    British     45mins            

Grouse With Raisins    HT   MC   50mins     April 2003

Quail with Grapes     HT    MC     50mins

Bagged Pigeons           HT   MC   60mins

Tipsy Pigeons     HT  MC  British   65mins

Casseroled Squabs      HT   MC  British    70mins  

Stuffed Pigeon     HT  MC  Egyptian  80mins           February 2007

Casserole of Pheasant with Chestnuts   HT  MC   British    90mins

Pheasant with Herbs     HT   MC    90mins

Aves De Guinea con Albaricoques    HT  MC   Spanish   95mins     March 2002

Oven Roasted Pheasant with Red Wine Sauce   HT  MC  British  95mins    D

Game Pie     HT  MC  English  120mins plus cooling Ingredients      December 2002

Braised Guinea Fowl         HT   MC   125mins

Casserole of Grouse    HT  MC  French   140mins             

Guinea Fowl with Red Wine   HT  MC   140mins

Raised Game Pie      CD  MC  English 150mins plus cooling and chilling   December 2002

Guinea Fowl with Lychees     HT     MC    160mins


Hare and Rabbit Recipes     

Braised Rabbit in Rioja     HT  MC  Spanish  65mins       March 2002

Molasses Braised Rabbit     HT   MC   80mins       May 2003

Kouneli Stifado     HT   MC   Greek   85mins plus marinating     August 2002

Rabbit in Herb Sauce    HT   MC   110mins

Rabbit with Chocolate     HT  MC  110mins   New!   March  2008

Rabbit in Saffron Sauce    HT  MC   115mins

Game Pie     HT   MC   English   120mins plus cooling Ingredients   December 2002

Rabbit Stewed in Coconut Milk    HT  MC  Colombian  120mins      September  2007

Saddle of Hare in Dill Sauce      HT   MC   120mins

Armagh Stuffed Rabbit      HT   MC   Irish    135mins           

Stewed Rabbit with Prunes     HT  MC   Belgian   140mins plus soaking  June 2003

Raised Game Pie   CD  MC  English  150mins plus cooling and chilling   December 2002

Hare in Red Wine     HT  MC   210mins

Jugged Hare     HT   MC   British    240mins plus marination       


Ostrich and Emu Recipes

Ostrich Feta Burgers     HT  MC   15mins     

* Ostrich Steaks with Apples    HT  MC  British  15mins

Ostrich Shish Kebabs    HT   MC    20mins plus marinating     

Ostrich Steak Diane     HT   MC   20mins    

Salisbury Ostrich Steak    HT  MC      20mins         

* Ostrich Steaks with Blue Cheese     HT   MC   British  25mins        

Roast Ostrich with Port     HT   MC   25mins    

Chilli Stir fried Emu      HT MC Australian  30mins        June   2005

* Ostrich Fillets with Wild Mushrooms    HT  MC  35mins     New!   April 2008

Ostrich Stuffed Peppers     HT   MC   60mins        

Ostrich Potjie     HT   MC   South Africa   245mins    September 2003

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